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  1. Guys the costume was very very rare. Anyone want to get that costume . they can make that money. Btw how to post my ceation pic here?? Using mobile. Idk how. Please help me ill post here
  2. Gombar- the upcoming boss in warspear online ) Gombar - the son of snorlar Hes using a axe that was incredibly strong . no one knows who does axe came from. Snorlar was have a son . while hes living under inselnort cave. Theres a child was born near snorlar place. Then a mystery voice was snorlar hear. Actually that voice get his attention. Then the voice said. " this is you son. The new enemy of every faction. Train him make him stronger . (and the voice was stopped) and the voice was gone. Snorlar name that child "gombar" After years the boy was get stronger than snorlar. (
  3. Sir where should i post the drawing??
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