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  1. In any arena bracket, say level 15-18, if all the party members or your temporary arena party members are of the highest level for your group (in this case level 18), there's a chance that you'll be paired against a party of the next higher arena bracket, in this case level 19-20, PROVIDED all the members of the higher arena bracket are of the lowest possible levels for that group. :wacko: Confused? ;D Ok, short version: Level 18 arena party can be paired against level 19 party, level 20 party can be paired against level 21 party, and so on... :good: As for whether this is a bug or a real feature of the game, I have no idea whatsoever. :yahoo:
  2. Druids can't cast their new expert skill on themselves either. We also need to be in a party to use it! But hey, more power to shamans! I vote for "change both or neither" hehe...
  3. I've already commented before but once again, YES! Please!
  4. Even if the devs are adamant on staying with attack speed, I'm sure mages everywhere would be quite satisfied with a good burst of speed say 50-150% for say 3-5 secs. That would be a cool skill to have.
  5. Agreed, completely and wholeheartedly! Despite the possibility of a slightly decreased sales of book of oblivion, I think devs should prioritise overall gameplay over small change. I can assure you the returns will be many. Satisfied customers are more likely to become regular customers AND spend more, according to some study hehe.
  6. I too find this skill more than overwhelming, especially so in arena. A single paladin with enough magic power can easily decimate an entire party in 3x3 or 5x5! That truly is an op skill. Of course, paladins would cry otherwise but the truth of the matter is that this skill is way too overpowered. At the very least, devs should look into making its use more restricted in pvp/arena.
  7. Druid's new skill might heal big but only under very specific conditions. It's useless in pvp unless you are in a party. Even then healing is uncertain unless you have max hp. If you use this skill when your hp is low you'll probably heal 100ish or even less. My personal lowest is 1. In solo pve again this skill has absolutely no use. In party boss hunts or dg, however, the skill does come in very handy indeed.
  8. Don't cry. Druid new skill has more limitations. Can't cast on self, MUST be in party to use the skill. Useless for pvp and solo pve. Can't even heal someone in need unless we're in the same party.
  9. Wow nice damage! I have seen priests deal 2k+ damage with the new skill.
  10. What's the highest you've been able to heal with the new expert skill? Mine was 1216! (608) but it took a couple of attempts to get that lol. Average around 300-500 depending on my and the target's hp. Lowest heal with new skill: 1!!! Haha...
  11. It's been said way too many times but it's still true: amplification is based purely on chance. Believe it or not, my paladin's 1h level 15 arena mace went +8 with 9 signs! Yes, you heard me right, NINE single pieces of sign! My druid's sd scepter, on the other hand, took 350+ signs to reach +9. So yeah...
  12. We need 50% mcoin bonus too to go along with this nice treat hehe!
  13. It's not bugged. This skill links the user to another player in the party. Upon usage of the skill, the player with the lower hp gets healed. So if the other player has lower hp than the druid he/she gets the heal. Otherwise the caster of the spell, the druid, gets healed. I understand your confusion, however, because I myself couldn't figure out this skill for a very long time. The amount of heal depends on the user's magic power AND the difference in hp between the user and the target. It's a highly complex spell that requires the user to be in a party and atleast one member of the party within range to use the skill. The skill CANNOT be self-cast. It can only be cast on another.
  14. Sure, so long as they unnerf druid roots, bees and tornado while they're at it.
  15. I'm sure devs are well prepared by now to receive this sort of response after an update. After all it happens on every single occasion they release new content, without fail. What I've decided to do is sit back and watch the dominoes fall, one after the other, and perhaps shake my head a little and silently chuckle. It does get a bit repetitive though after several years. /s
  16. How does the new druid skill work? I tried it on several people and nothing happened. Tried it on myself nothing happened. Do I need to be in a party for this skill to work? Will the skill only work if the target's hp is lower than his/her max hp?
  17. The very moment I pressed "Use" on new skill book Eu server went down. I hope my book is not "lost"!!!
  18. Yes, please! I've yet to receive a single ethereal catalyst from all the dungeons I've completed!
  19. Quit the whining already! The entire forum reeks of it! Positive thoughts, we need more positivity here.
  20. Can any dev answer: Does winning guild tournament to enter new guild dungeon mean 1st place wins or 2nd and 3rd as well? Because if it's the first case, there's no hope at all for the rest of us in EU-emerald!!
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