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  1. if they played, they should know how we feel. They speak to get famous or wanna be cool (idc). gm can change necro if he wants to but these guys are not helping with them lies, thank u.
  2. i hate all ppl who wanna look cool by saying necro is the best what hell wrong with u ppl!!, say the truth, everyone who is playing necro is saying that necro is weak.......... so just dont please dont speak if u have an old necro that u dont play with or u even dont have one, thank u and please shut up!!!!
  3. necro has got 3 expert skills 2 skills are useless (very low dmg) and 1 good skill (panic) but still though necros are weak compare to other healers classes. why should necro lose hp during healing and shielding and other healers classes dont? my heal is 857 and i lose 130 hp that means i heal my self just 727 and if i put a shield on my self, i will lose another 130 u do the math, how much heal left for my self???
  4. panic.....what hell, why not gm hate necros.....? its very useless, if u cant hit ur enemy while it's active. Come on gm have some mercy for necros lol give them something useful.
  5. Hi gm. Can u please reduce necro's life losing throw healing and shielding??? why i'm asking this? because now maximum level is 24 so basically life will be over 3k++ , life losing is going to be 130++ it's alot! . Life is increasing so it will be more and more life losing. Just do something please. thank u.
  6. NECRO got 3 bad experts skills , why u didn't make a change with that?
  7. thx guys for info but most of people get +7 with 2-3 sets signs why it doesnt work with me in the same way ? my lock (killerano) i used 11 sets sign from +6 to +7 thats why i quit there lol and now my necro is the same. its really suck.
  8. my necro killeranox has a bug with amplify my weapons :facepalm: . i used 13 sets sign on [+7 baton sudden doom] and all fail then i tried to amp arena weapon [+6 arshmage's baton] with 65 pieces of signs..............fail all again..................please fix it and please don't say it's just bad luck. thank u
  9. necro new expert skill(infection) it will hit the enemy? or just only when he dies hit others?????
  10. so its a lie after all , there is no arena lvl 19 :shok: :shok: damn i was waiting for them :mega_shok: :mega_shok:
  11. killerano

    fix lag

    hi gm. game is lagging very badly please fix it.
  12. wait till monday bro ,it's weekends mate.
  13. it sucks actually and sad , ty bro ::)
  14. even if the scammer sold his gear , weapons and left his character naked??? :shok:
  15. everyone having lagggggggggg and gm in holiday loooooooooool :lol:
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