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  1. Are you also sorting out the bugs in the new tower.... regarding what we are killing we only get 1/12 ect...... please fix this script problem lol
  2. Lol im loving mc complaints...!!! About more elfs then mc but did you see the wars around (m4 t2) elf were killing incoming mc to new town. And was killing in quest area lol its all about parties now in m4 walk solo u will die lol thats to both elf and mc....!! I have just 1 thing so say ""Bring The War Noob""
  3. Noob to me is a player who can't play there charactor right and no jack s**t about the game or what there doing lol....... also they dont take advise and do it there own way
  4. Guys you should no this of warspear by now once realised severs go down and down and down due to bug fixes.. Sever was up for 5 mins and already mc ganking in m4 lol...... mc love to gank cause they dont know how to go 1v1
  5. Always goes down when were at rg heroic not far away from killing the boss are we getting our 2 stam back since we used seeker grrr
  6. Yes but once elf gets to main island our quest take longer then what they do when mc get to main island even many mc say this to me cause they complain elf takes longer going from 12-22 (there words)
  7. Devs are you fixing "quest not found" we have quest that we are unable to get to??? What's with this?? And also we need more skill point cause we have lots of skills but little skill points
  8. Why do mc always complain you have good skills!!! Just for example rouge has many good skillz and most do damage.... dont get me wrong ranger skill is op you should be able to dodge, parry ect just lurn to use your skills lol and devs we need more skill point or even let us level up lol to get them hahaha lots of skills very little improvement for them please up lev or give 2 skill points to lev 22s
  9. Iv played since 2009 am I a old player lol???
  10. Now its noobs thinking there pro and old players because they have +10 equipment because they have so many mcoins lol... I remember farming lab with only druids and now if i say 2 driuds can do lab i get called noob lol
  11. The first members were before lab lol came popular after lab :) and yea xmoonlight was i miss them days lol
  12. Just a post to see who was playing when the skinhead clan exsisted???? This was before lab and before guilds??? So lets see how many of u remember or are u all new players conpared to me :)
  13. Im a old player just started playing again left not long after amp sytem came into play but still have my +8 arena swords with old crystals and runes on :) plus all my eq with all runes/crystals
  14. Wtf I can't even play now........!!!!!! No longer available for my phone now :cray:
  15. I'm not shore if she is still single :wacko: she has a boyfriend one second then she is single again lol you tell me haha 8)
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