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  1. I just seeing some player farming using bot...i dont know if this violate term and condition... I just post here so you can take action server eu rjrhr.mp4
  2. Hei....anyone can explain me how the new bonus weapon work?? I still not understand how it work... Are those hit back mob even I afk... Or it just up my percentage damage or whatever...
  3. I just thinking this idea because waiting for arena is a pain sometimes because we have to wait long time before we inside the arena....idk if this topic had been writen on other topic but can gm make arena that connected to all realm so we also can fight other people from other realm(just think if hassn vs someone strong as him in arena form other realm,it can be fun to watch:D) and on the realm arena make an icon for the enemy to telling our friend to target the player...i think it can solve the issue about language:hope be u can understand to my broken english:
  4. Umm...in google play it to much prank recorder that a real and easy to use recorder and im lazy to search it:D
  5. Well i realy want that gms make an recorder on ws so we can record our pvp or other intersting stuff while we playing ws and keep the record to the phone/pc..please consider it k:smile:
  6. melyvix

    "REAL" Gifts

    Dont forget to sell the t-shirt on other country ok...:smile:
  7. Well all weapon never been useless if gm add rage bonus or just diassmble the item....probly if get lucky u got eteral essense :*:*
  8. Gm please upload all the theme music ws...so we can download and hear old theme music with our phone while playing ws:shy: maybe it can help to solve this issue:)
  9. Can I make a blog about warspear????
  10. wow...there no prize for people make suggestion???.. i see the tourmenat prize 50000!!!! mcoin!!! ... well my pc broken now and i cant join the tourmenat ...how sad...
  11. Aahhhhhh.... Im hoping that gm make a short video for this games like anime videos.... This will be fun.....just think about this war begin on movie!!!. Not on app:sleep: if u see anime phantasy star 2... it an online games,and the player of the gamws up and each day...just because they make an anime movie..... About an actor or anime maker...im am sure many of this people play ws games....just why not go ask help for them....and pay them 1k mcoin(for example)... i realy2 want to see how warlock,druid,necro and other more...battle on the movie...hope consider my topic:D(im still learning at school so many my english broken)
  12. i think i know how patriot achive is.... My lvl 7 ranger done it:D.... I just buy a guild lvl 1 and been alone there...that how it can be.... Just be leader ..and kick all the guild member:D
  13. I dont know what to do with acievement:sad:
  14. Hoping that minion can restore mana to:') My mana dry quicky when hunt boss :smile: Mana regen not enough to me...so hopefully gm can make minion can restore mana and heal also...mana pot to expensive to me to buy...
  15. melyvix

    Gold making guide

    Hei id you know about auto farm:shy: Now i wondered where xhakikx now:D It most easy to collect gold without playing do hard until night just collect gold:D All u need is an app(im not telling what that app) and a brain But it ilegel on ws:D
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