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  1. Yes listen to this dude. Pls gm's
  2. This is really not a bad idea, this way you could also see how many slots you have left in your bag while doing exchanges.
  3. So curious about the "Panic" skill. Dev's could you please tell us the range around the character that it will effect ?
  4. How about allowing the infection damage that is spreaded, to crit. 1k's at war
  5. It's almost like forest song of druids, but only you can't select the area cause its around the player. Depending on the radius, I'd make it 3/4 if its 3x3 or more. Any less gonna suck. Although it's gonna be good either way at crossings.
  6. I really expect at least an 3x3 or more yards to be fair
  7. Please tell me this will have a range of 5 and not 4 like Nightmare
  8. Hey my friends and foes xd. I'm going to quit warspear tonight and delete my chars. It had been a fun run in warspear and I did made a lot of friends but yea, I got more importent things to do in life... :friends: special goodbye to: Skiping this xd or i will write till tomorrow Adios Amigos :bomb: and let ABC continue to rise :clapping: Best Guild Ever and will always keep being cray
  9. Applicants are closed till we are reached level 4 ____________________________________________________________________________
  10. Welcome back to ABC Okazaki
  11. Welcome to ABC elbontuero - rogue. Jamie add the new guys to the list xd
  12. Welcome to the guild Humbus and Sushimii
  13. thank you Mr. Greench ihopeudon'tendupthere xd
  14. any elf that passes here is doomed DOOMED
  15. jonny


    lol this was a 2vs1. I did demand random arena 2x2 and this happend... no partner :facepalm:
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