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  1. Si la oportunidad de stun es 100%, realmente poco importa el nivel del arma.... Y tambien si hay la posibilidad de hacer un ciclo de stuns, también poco importa amplificación. La insatisfacción ocurre cuando se tiene una amplificación muy superior al adversario y él sólo depende de no errar su ciclo de stun para vencer. Realmente eso frusta.
  2. I believe that in all the servers has happened this type of case. A handful of wardens serving as a smokescreen in wars.
  3. No kidding now... I'm sorry to the developers, but this is ridiculous. I think there should be limitations to these defensive skills in pvp. Which sentinel would like to fight against a barbarian with "infinite stone skin"?
  4. Good luck my darling! Vai com tudo amor
  5. NASA needs to study the Wardens! HUAHUAHUA They are X-MEN
  6. "Last Wish" is currently very frustrating. Certainly we didn't have this problem when it was an active skill.
  7. Eu teria rido mais, se tivesse postado no dia da promoção que antecedeu a atualização ;)
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