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  1. GM Cann youuu pleaseeee fix the notifications from the game?? I get at least 10 same nofications for guild preparation and mjracle coin offer can you pleaseeeeee fix it!??
  2. Are there going to be stats from event at the end of event? Like it was last year
  3. Hahahahaa guys its your luck not the drop chance, it depends on ur luck ;) I never recived something good because i dont have luck in any thing i do ;) So dont cry for ur wasted money
  4. Daria at least give us the announcement post for horror event :'(((
  5. When is Horror Event?? *_* Please make Horror Event next week :'( Everyone wants it next weeeek *_*
  6. Can you answer my question? Why costume Wanderer of the Wasteland now has ears?
  7. Omg Daria why tf Wanderer of the Wasteland has ears??? Its really awfulllllll ... No need to wear anymore... Ruined costume yaaaaaaaaaaaay...
  8. 8 hours already... Hope we get some more gifts for waiting..
  9. Daria is someday restoring be for free? What about poor people who cant restore? Or someone who cant buy mcoins?
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