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  1. my beloved lil brother . goodluck for both of us !
  2. thx for support to answer the question about the sign, yes I draw it by myself. not good enough but I try my best. thx guys
  3. My name is Delina Zhang I'm from Indonesian.. support me all Thank's
  4. dear gm. my account has been blocked. tell me why u block my account. i need fast response. please reply my question. or u can send an email to me.. i sent question on support. but u just forward it and tell me to go forum :! my char viegar lvl 21 mage us shapire, i need fast response. fast reply. thanks! best regards us player
  5. ya.. banned this char.. he hack using software maybe.. using a keylogger.. make this game stronger than hacker. lol
  6. i just want to ask... when we can play again?? it still maintenance?? when can play?? tomorrow? next week? next mount?? or next year?? :blush: i want to see warlock skill :clapping:
  7. lol .. im a ranger but i havent dodge in my stat,. just about 12.4 or 13 % dodge i think i reeally noob ranger :cray: :wacko:
  8. DESY :cray: selamat jalan teman... kami disini mendoakanmu smoga diterima disisinya R.I.P
  9. lol.. :D go to t1 of mc with elfes lv 9 :D :facepalm:
  10. lol groc.. clan not need best strong ppl.. just need team work.. but in arena.. need best player hehehe and best trick and im weak ppl here hahahaha @ scout : w join dah sob.. tp kalau pvp tournament w belum mau ikut.. itm aq abal2 kalau war saya pasti join.. :D
  11. mvc

    come vote

    i just want my weapon back to me
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