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  1. This is your finalist : Vera Nocturna > Nocturne (real name on League of Legends) Open this LINK: http://tenzeru-chan.deviantart.com/art/LoL-Nocturne-342334145 Open this LINK: http://gamenoob.net/threads/huong-dan-lmht-nocturne-ac-mong-vinh-cuu.7922/ Open this LINK: http://www.zerochan.net/1565500 Tutirial how to design Open this LINK: http://www.dragoart.com/tuts/16635/1/1/how-to-draw-nocturne-from-league-of-legends.htm go search engine you can find other nocturne Vera_Z (R0land best friend) be the winner Fair ???
  2. r0land please do not accuse without a proff, how if they professionals in editing?
  3. Give me costume if you win,i will vote you
  4. Give me costume if you win,i will vote you
  5. if you find someone cheating of this contest go coment at this Topic. reply this topic: Put Topic Title and Nickname and dont forget add screenshoot.
  6. you like copy idea of Skeleton King, 3 different mobs with name "guard",and all mobs and boss is skull
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