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  1. sad and true!!but hey they still rape other classes as well!!
  2. barb:foxlovevix rogue:manley shaman:leduy necro:hard to say,kinda not great for pvp. Dk:deathknight Warlock:geez so many... bd:tpain ranger:bellato--damn u!!! cant say for the rest of the classes,my opinion
  3. okay here i go!!im not black i live in Africa....blacks all around!!and i love black girls...hehe....im not rasist i love everyone!!the topic starter(cant remember name)just want to know the "blacks" who plays the game thats all.. no BIG deal...
  4. i thought it was me(complained to my isp:D) then is difficult to log on the lvl 19+ chars but the lower chars log like a charm!!! now the "brb"log out log in wont work :D:D:D:D:D scenario: oppan: how much is that?? gagnam: 60k!! oppan: okay wait imma pm u soon.... .............*tries to log "style" ..........................still waiting............................................... .........con nec ting .................................. ........30 minutes gone.................................... ..........................
  5. i think to compensate that u have the heightened damage(50%+*not very sure* of the normal attack and that work 100% provided u hit!)!!! my point is :remove the heightened damage and u can have ur 100% chance to hit when in shealth :D and that i wont like at ALLLLLLLLLLL. i love my heightened damage and the thrill that i can hit 1k+(mostly work though)so rogue DO NOT NEED AND CHANGES!!!!(my humble opinion)
  6. how about shaman vs ranger?ranger with some blind attack(i dunno the name)some bleesing(3kdamage in a sec)some trapping skills!! well we can all count how this faction ot that one is better than the other but it all comes to the skill of the person controlling the avatar!!!and how to share the skillls points and what gears u choose to wear and what enchants u choose to put. bottom line:any clas can kill any other class sometimes is luck(dodge,parry,crit....rate)while it goes together wil the skill of the master him/herself. there is no WEAKEST class or STRONGEST class. just WEAK chars and STRONG chars
  7. i will get em even if it takes me 2 months!!
  8. missed that one.seems like a month i didnt see a war(in WS)
  9. WAD Warspear Addiction Disorder (saw it in another post)
  10. heard Sanbanyo was banned and i like him(gave me cloistered pollaxe for free,hey it was very expensive then)now Pattahati is good and still cos she still play frequently not like brillant or Snowy or Kza ..... new guys like Lorddain,kernlabba(like these 2,they have good attitude and dont mind teaming with noobs like me)........ averall i go for pattahati and ultimecia
  11. YEP RESPECTABLE ANd FAIR PLAYERS WONT ATTACK LIKE ME :D but there is one thing that .........okay here it is sometimes when i use the ranges char i hit(accidentaly) an elf he then get pissed and saves my name later tries to kill me anytime we meet. okay elfs if a shaman hits u without blinding or necro hit whitout sheild on then he does not intend to kill u so go one with it damnit
  13. somtime u dont want to loose that nice new weap and u go +1 with a sign and then +2 with 6 signs(my story)
  14. i've seen foxlovevix raping x2 lvl 20 rangers with shining bows.
  15. i saw WAD(is someone's signature) also a disorder but forgot what that A stands for :wacko: . back to u: BB wud be cool
  16. read something like that in some new island quest suggestion,but then i liked it and does. lets see a ranger+shaman, priest+warlock ....
  17. kagegaara


    not hard to get there after this S**t update where i get nothing beyond norlant crystals.... then is fun when i die there by elfs cos i know ill def get there again and i know the risks but then when u have the chance KILL THE RED NAMES.
  18. if it will make players weaker or stronger i like it :D *controversy*
  19. OMG best time after boring WS game. u get to see "things"
  20. yeahh lovely taky :)Sneak pls pm me when u guys are doing something i still cant check site :(
  21. in the course of reading this, i got lost. Was it bout pvprange or Karma?? hmm anyway there is a pvpshaman now so i think he wanna kill both sides unless he did that to get closer to ZHU... :mega_shok: :tease:
  22. im now in my 15months in WS and i still love it though it changed a lot. well i used to play for just the fun of questing with friends but now is all bout "oh man u so weak NOOB" :D haha my main cant even go arena*insults i get when i loose man toooo much* WEll in all i still love it some old still around and at times we get some war fun but not until like 4 of old come online. think imma start a new lvl1 to change a bit :lol:
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