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  1. But for real, I can't stand this 15/19 wins in 3v3 eh? At least mine is posted..
  2. Prove it your party vs my party.. not a random 3x3 All know random is easy win
  3. maybe,, its not possible they only make for tank.. anyway i remember someone at test server linked the caster one..
  4. Kelvzs

    Raid groups

    Or make another Labyrinth similar to Astral labyrinth.. but with more stronger mobs and bosses for Lv.28s to enter to kill boss and farm the best weapon from em.. Like the old warspear.. So player not only depend on Dungeons to get best stuff.. To be honest.. the old warspear is far more challenging than the current warspear now..
  5. Kelvzs

    Raid groups

    Made it the same as the other game i played name "Aura Kingdom" there is place called Sky Tower there.. It have 20 Floors boss.. And it only open for Saturday and Sunday. So we can enter with 30 peoples, and defeat the Raid Boss inside there, once u defeated the 1st floor u can proceed to 2nd floor and so on, when boss dead, the treasure chest opened and all player can take.. But make Warspear only for 10-20 players to enter..
  6. they won't even fix the unbalanced glow on dual-weild weapon with skin, and this bug already more than 1 year old.. and it's incredibly visible.. what they answer is: it's just glow, it's not effecting any action.. so its not necessary to fix it now, but we will fix it in the future.. the future is this bug already up for more than a year.. its like the player report is not apreciated..
  7. I agree with Jarlaxxle.. U can say Druid is best Caster in game now.. they have more stun than warlock.. and able to heal high.
  8. Fact #125 "Alexwhite" is best DK in Warspear Online all servers.
  9. Just like i said, the most you'll go is 2v2 since u still can disable 1 and stun other.. U won't go for 3x3 or 5x5 since you're garbage with 0% win ratio. When someone challenge you into 3x3 and 5x5 you have ton of reason.. and declining.. Its just because you want to perform that stun-chain of yours without none disturb you, so u can call it "you win"... and u only can do in 1v1 and 2v2 You're also still unable to accepting the fact that there is Advantage and Disadvantage in PvP.. Tell me where is the space if u PvP a Warlock/Necro/DK/Druid lmao.. Even there is chance to gouge you while u stun me, u already decrease my HP to 30%, with that 30% HP, after stuns countered u can just kill em easy.. Seems like you unable to accept the fact here.. Since PvP is the only things u so proud at Winning with Full Advantage make u proud.. It's like winning by one-sided fight
  10. Kelvzs


    Good Luck and Take Care..
  11. For PvE, as a tanker, with High parry and High block needed.. specially if u want tank TP dungeons without dying. Alexwhite probably got 17%+ on both, and it RESIST ton of dmg from mobs.
  12. When class have a massive dmg output, but they can't use skill.. Thats for you called "Massive dmg" Hahaha.. Even you have space to counter that stun, it won't work all time.. Cause of the delay between skill.. and you already deal your next stun. Not surprised to heard that coming from DK who only boast about his 1v1 win when he have Full Advantage on win cuz of DK Stun-chain.. Well shame on you, you must rely on that to get popularity at game.. For you "I killed you = I win = I'm pro" ... without thinking the Advantage and Disadvantage between class skill. Maybe u already know or i need to give u example lol And u can't do anything in Arena in teamfight *LOL* probably the most u will do is 2x2,, At 3x3 and 5x5, you're Pop Corn
  13. Damn, seems like many MDMG DK will born soon
  14. Anyway who said i will use Dodge Set without Resilience,, You not even see my build yet and already judge it.. Pls.. "Guru of all Classes" Hi, It's just my opinion.. PvP is waste because: 1. First Signal always got higher advantage to win. 2. Every classes have their advantage and disadvantage, when at 1v1, a DK can stun chain a rogue, while rogue don't have anything to counter that stun and only able to deal auto atk.. (Of Course DK Win when DK advantage/speciality is to lock 1 player. 3. Even some class let u signal first, if he can tanked your 1st dmg, he just need to counter u with all their stun chains again and u sure dead.. 4. PvP 1v1 is not balanced, because the skill of every class is not made with Solo Purpose. U need other classes to make-up the skill to the perfect work. Anyway, in term of PvP in this game is "Arena" a.k.a Team Fight, Create your best teamwork to beat down your Enemies.. 1v1 is merely Player made PvP Rules.. It's not how the game should be.. Because the PvP in game is 2x2, 3x3, and 5x5, where u must play with your friends and make best teamwork to beat down your enemies. So... 1v1 is just a player-made pvp rules.. and with that they judge you're pro/noob without knowing their own class advantage and speciality.. All they care is "I beat u" "you dead so i win and im pro"
  15. Fact #114 "Nadir DG "Champion Coliseum" Normal Mode Boss have Higher Level than the Hard Mode. Fact #115 "Bashazs amped his Staff of Bloody Earl from +0 to +9 with only 10 sets sign. *which mean amping is all Luck Based" Fact #116 "SiThLoRdS still the best guild in US-Sapphire"
  16. Ok so we consider at Arena it's all about Luck.. But at PvE "Secret Reserver" build nothing wrong with it.. Its only for PvP its became u must kill DK 2 times their full HP. but only 1v1.. at arena no
  17. Ok in my opinion about DK "Secret Reserve" in PvE. This skill doesn't OP at all, PvE mean Boss/DGs. Not many DK goes for "Secret Reserve" build and remember its an "Expert Skill" not a Paladin Heal "Base Skill" Lets take TP DG for the example again.. If you're at DG mean you're with your Party. DK +10 Full, still dying at tanking TP Heroic Mobs.. While Elfs just Spam AoE and killed everything and tank few little mobs only. Giving a DK an Expert Skill for more Survivality seems wrong? Anyway that skill only activated when your HP at Critical level, And there is chance you're killed before it activated.. Not an "anytime heal" paladin skill. For PvE there is absolutly nothing wrong with this skill.. My opinion who use this build "Secret Reserve" at PvP At PvP "Arena" if a DK use this build, they surely Lost their Stun Skill because they put 4/4 on Secret Reserver.. Mean you can deal more damage to em.. At Arena u not fight alone.. Tell your friend to rekt the DK first and kill it before the Reserver heal DK to full.. Anyway, Paladin is very OP at PvP, they also considered Stun Forever now.. While u done your 1 combo dmg, sure the target is dying already.. so as tank, Paladin can heal anytime, DK only can heal at Critical HP time.. Make sure u killed the DK before the "Secret Reserver" pop out to full.. Figure out how and what to do so u can win em.. I'm sure Elves have a very good skill at Arena.. Such like 4 BDs, 1 Pala Party at 5x5 is like impossible to win.. So ya don't complain about MCs DK skill.. Anyway your Druid have a shit ton of Healing skill.. If you don't want to lose at arena call the druid to play smart and heal yourself.. Let's not talk about DK only in term of 1v1.. Let's talk about it with Party-Cooperation, There is nothing wrong with it.. Everyone know PvP 1v1 at Game is never balanced.. That's why this game is not made for 1v1, PvP = Arena. not 1v1. Make your best team-work to win your opponent team.. Not judge by 1v1. Only noob and weak low amp care about 1v1 since they need that overwhelming skill to win, But at Arena they nothing if u work with teamwork.. Anyway, even at Arena, Elves seems have the higher advantage to win anyway.. hahahaha.. So ya, don't complain about MCs when your Faction is already OP af in term of both PvP and PvE
  18. I think it's a good idea to put back "Hide Equipment" option in game.. 1st low amped ppl will not get invited to DG cause they have low amp equip and u can see their equipment before u invite em. 2nd we can hide our build and the equipment we use.
  19. For PvE, my opinion this build is: - Lack of HP - Lack of Parry % - Lack of Penetration % Here my suggestion for Good PvE DK ws-db.ru/calculator#8384 The total cost of the gear also not that high, only the Halloween accecories is high. With decent HP at Lv.28 should be 5600 or so, and High Parry and Block is really useful specially at Technopolis, or Tank ton of mobs. Even tank few mobs its very useful.
  20. Kelvzs


    TP Heroic is even easier now.. We done with 8 mins time left at MC side, must be faster at Elf Side..
  21. Kelvzs


    Get a tank who know what to do, and Healer who not heal carelessly..
  22. When you're at same level as AlexWhite i'll call u best DK
  23. Work almost the same as BD Counter.. With 6k HP Tank.. When they use skill it will deal 600 DMG/Skill Thats OP more than BD counter
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