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  1. Im suffering from the same problem as well, any updates?
  2. evilish


    Full dodge ranger Pros vs cons?
  3. evilish


    This guy is a wh scammer, just putting this here to warn others and expose this idiot
  4. evilish


    a new scammer was discovered today, his name is corbari, bd with arena awards!! you can see in the screen shots that i was trying to buy queen of the north, he gave an offer and i accepted, later in the exchange he put snow queen instead of queen of the north costume here are the screenshots you can see here i was calling on trade chat for costumes, he gave his offer and so... here you can see the exchange where he put snow queen instead what i wanted also note that he was kicked from magna for reselling their stamina...
  5. evilish


    fun fact#1: right... that's exactly why we have aoe skills and aoe aggro skills, because if the whole group is attacking a player who have dealt some damage, or in the case of this new system, a healer that applied some healing, and a BD use aggression on 1 mob, he will aggro the whole group... funny indeed, just like rooting one mob will stop the whole group from moving, and hitting one mob will cause damage to the whole group... fun fact #2: theories, i like people with theories btw, i'm waiting for the result of a heroic techno run, preferably a video since you're so smart and OP, let me see how you'll finish it
  6. evilish


    You must be kidding me... Did you really count them for me?
  7. evilish


    Well, would you please show us a result of a heroic techno run?And tell, what aggro skills does low levels have, how are they supposed to aggro ??
  8. evilish


    Wooha there Little daria, now I've been away for some time after the new aggression system, i Understand the update buy why are you so aggressive, you got updated too? Instead of threatening to ban for opening topics about The update, why not listen to them? Maybe they are the ones playing the game and enjoying it, not you? Majority is saying the update sux, it does, deal with it, YES it does, listen to players and solve it, go ahead ban me for opening this topic little lady, I've quitted anyway after being playing for about 5 years cause of this update
  9. hello all, i'd like to suggest 2 things, one related to scammers and the second about the screen bug to start with the exchange scammers, those who put different items or do the full bag trick and so... if there would be an undo option that would undo the last exchange it'll kill those scammers, like you can undo the last exchange you did within a time limit of about 5 minutes, after those 5 minutes the exchange cant be canceled and the screen bug, it's really a pain in the ass, creating a refresh screen button would fix it too, the option would reload the screen and show the exact locations of everything and everyone both of the these options can fit right under the settings and logout tab waiting opinions or improvements to my suggestions
  10. i know what happened! and i'll tell you a secret, dungeon and event is a fail without good drops
  11. Explain more please, what adjustment exactly on the mage skill and what endless movement?
  12. it would be more logical that if 2 druids are healing the same person, the 2 healings should take effect, not only one such as the when 2 druids hit someone with the insect swarm, they both take effect or when 2 priests heal same person, they both heal... why when 2 druids heal someone only 1 healing takes effect ! same thing for the equivalent healer on the mc side... dunno about it but i guess its the same
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