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  1. Tragic , perfect storyline , mentioning almost all the quests in the swamps.
  2. Actually 2handed weapons(especially spears and xbows) are harder to amp.(In my opinion.) I would choose mace and shield.
  3. actually this is an important issue, elves doing this all the time.
  4. Yeah it is possible. But not worth it , because people wants drops which are more valuable then other dg's drops.
  5. I think it could be a bug , because damage reflection was not working like a normal dmg before , event its color was different , now it looks exactly same as normal hits and behave like a normal hit. If it is not a bug then devs changed it for a purpose that we dont know.
  6. Not stacking any more, its got a huge nerf.
  7. No lol , I never do that on Warspear.
  8. I did not rooted my device before. @Cardinal so problem is on my device? If not, what should I do?
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