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  1. That part is definitely a bit eerie 😁
  2. Thanks! And yes, it is pretty dark 😄 Thank you!
  3. Character's name: Stillron Server: EU-Emerald Lorn held Ben's hand tight. A cold wind was blowing. A wind of death. As a skilled shaman, she could recognise the signs: a terrible war was coming, as bloody and violent as the legendary War of the Spear. During the seven years of war there had been many battles, but this one was going to be different. This time they wouldn’t fight for glory, they would fight for the life of every person in the clan. If they lost this battle then they also lost their territories, the lands that fed their people, their homes. Ben smiled at her reas
  4. Myrnar was once an angelic creature, a muse whose beautiful voice bewitched every fortunate listener: that, along with immortality, was the gift she had received from the gods in reward for her extraordinary kindness. One tragic day Sam Hain crossed her path: he soon realised how powerful and naive the muse was and hatched a plan to take advantage of that. He told her about a poor village, in a land called Arinar, whose children suffered from a terrible condition: inexplicable pain and sorrow made it impossible for them to do anything but lie in bed crying. The muse was deeply touched and deci
  5. Thank you for your comment! I really enjoyed writing it 🙂
  6. Thank you so much! 🙂 Congratulations to the other winners and all the other awesome writers! By the way I'm a she 😄
  7. I’m glad you liked my idea 🙂 In my imagination the shamans who became breath-catchers naively tried to exploit the dark magic of Ravva’s Breath, they ended up being corrupted by all this power and now they’re trapped: it could either be a physical trap caused by the magic stream or a psychological one. In the latter case attacking people could also be a way to protect their power from anyone who might take it from them. So I guess that for lack of other solutions the only way for them to be free is death… who doesn’t like a tragic ending? 😁
  8. I was raised by a clan of highlanders, hearing tales of great shamans powerful enough to cause earthquakes and to strike enemies with bolts of lightning. I decided to devote myself to the art of healing and magic and I strove to become a strong shaman like the ones I had heard so much about. Then came the time to test my abilities in a new and strange land called Norlant Swamps. Armed with a not so powerful staff but a lot of courage and determination, I ventured into this new adventure, moving through strange and random teleports. I discovered that this island was inhabited by od
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