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  1. Daria get tired of all complaint about energy nerf Good bye daria, thanks for everything and sorry for the same Welcome Reivenorik
  2. I hope Russians players have the same opnion like us, if no, devs will do nothing.
  3. That's the point! This update is good only for high level guilds.
  4. Awesome! Nice changes, gz! When we will get this? Test server too.
  5. Hi! I would like channel indications on youtube with pve content, especially written tips on using party skills in dgs, solo, etc. I already know and follow the channel of Vladeath and Colado. Appreciate.
  6. @DariaHi, any clue about 60% discounts in signs? There's a lot of new gears to amp
  7. Good morning, why all these resets on the br-tourmaline server?
  8. I think this way it will take up more space in screen and for celphones screens this could be not too good. The current model is suficiente imo. If player wanto to go in NW direction its just tap right beside the hub. Ty guys for help in this discussion
  9. Yes, that was i meanning, ty for explain better. I don't think it would be bad for gameplay, players will take care to not tap the hub if they wont. Actually everyone avoids to click close to name of his char, its a question of adapting. If this change it's possible in game mechanics, i think the benefits would be greater than the hexes.
  10. Hello, I'm sure this was already suggested but I could not find it, so I made this new post. If necessary, remove to the right place. My suggestion is to be able to apply skills to other players by clicking on their names in the group list. This would make the groups more effective since the brackets would cause healing and buffing much faster, as well as avoiding erroneous clicks in environments saturated with enemies such as dungeons and raids. I reinforce that this tool is common in many rpgs and if possible its implementation, all users would be happy. By the way, I'm a healer. Ty devs.
  11. That's it! Players wth short time to play can't depend others to farm, If u say, go for the bosses, t3 in ayvondil on Tourmaline it's impossible to farm, to crowded, just for example.
  12. Surprise wiil be Market between mc and elf for sell bows and crossbows, alchemy craft or that multiple effects reliques, i guess
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