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    Great charms bug

    I never waste more than 15 pcs rune or crystal for charming my gears. Average 7 pcs for charm 100+
  2. Okay, thanks. My def 6500 and 3000 , im not participate the war before so didnt get the buff Just some tanks do the dg. But yah we'll see soon
  3. Please take a look It says I get 1m gold, isn't it? Sorry im not Russian. Please change it to English. And can devs change the dungeon into party mode? At least 2 persons in a party Or, reduce the damage of the boss. Its okay if we should summon a minion. But not waste our pots (esp dg 26 for tank classes) Thanks before.
  4. thx for extend max bag slot

  5. Lukazzz


    Oh so this topic for 50s ok np
  6. Iknow Juli that means i must spent 250 gold to back to irsel XD
  7. Yes he is, and he still a robot. Auto reply Anyway im forgot to move my chars to irsel, pls cancel the update lol
  8. Silver with 4 bonuses? Screenshot please.. Pontiff? Kronus mini bosses drop? Dev has been fixed it from blue with 2 bonuses become 3 bonuses. Am I right?
  9. Item rarity? Why purple and red color wpns/gears are common?
  10. Sorry for late reply, yea I think that was a mistake. And dev doesn't fix it yet. Maybe because Endless war wpns not exist anymore in bg tower. Just some ppl still have it. Wish dev could explain this case.
  11. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

  12. I remember how to make always lose become draw results. XD Hard thing to make other ppl trust you. And now we are always win against you.
  13. Why MCs in US Sapphire always win war? Coz some rats logged MC for spy and waiting war buff. :v
  14. Ty :v there is no pro without noob
  15. Go server up :x My rogue need to join a guild for reward, before next tour begins
  16. Be united, but not Man. United xD
  17. Really. Which server u play?
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