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  1. What makes it even more a misconception to use YouTube for participants disseminate the videos ... the Lets Play follows a pattern or has a lot of interpretation? Congratulations champion of the contest.
  2. I do not lost my dear, I was just not selected among the winners. As I already said, congratulation to those who were selected winners. As a video with more than triple the views of like and comments in relation to the winners may be the loser? Ahh, of course, do not had the "Lets Play" request in the forum ... right? Good night king of reason.
  3. Do you mean that the fact that I have done something beyond what was requested I do not deserve the recognition of the evaluation team and consequently an award? Or are you saying that "nothing" in my video can be considered a simple Lets Play? Just do grow the dismay to participate in future competitions because with so little effort participants were able to win, and with much effort I do not caught a mere 5th. A "Lets Play" can be interpreted in various ways in different context ... in my mind, to do what the third place and second place did, would be something very common in the context of
  4. If I knew I had to just put a camera in my face, record a quest any and talking to myself in the video trying to be funny I would not have worked so hard on a video that gives pleasure to watch. I created a story and made a Lets Play within it, which was the duel between the alliances ... maybe if I put 10 min just doing the duel between the players with a FaceCam would be of satisfactory to the jury ...? It was ironic and frustrating to see simple videos made without much effort and dedication win awards ... Congratulations to the winners who were selected ...
  5. Very good! It will be amazing and fun this new way to earn arena points!
  6. Thank you! Yes, the idea of the duel was good because not let the video with 100% history, but I am aware! Good luck to all participants!
  7. I could just send a link to one of the 200 Warspear Online gameplay videos I've ever done for my channel, but I decide to do a story because in the forum says, that history is important, what you saw in my video was, much history and little gameplay, but does not mean that does not have gameplay.
  8. Thank you! Yes, it was really unexpected, however, Eviisoon has very high Life Steal, which made it more difficult for me, well ... we are talking about the best class!
  9. Yes, I had carefully with this part, so that there is an understanding for everyone! I even had begun recording speaking in English, but my pronunciation is disappointing and funny.
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