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  1. Do you actually realize that there is counter for every class, literally one counters two, and there is third to counter the number two, thats how it works, it wouldnt be fun if its not like that, i am elf player and i dont complain about it cause BD is freaking overpowered, also paladins are overpowered, mages with their health steal, druids just for real, rangers only if you put large amount of money but still, every side has their own similar character, its just if you know to play or not... and if you are playing versus your counter class.
  2. I didnt know you guys can travel trough time, and thanks, just wanna be sure to tell you that you are doing great job and that this games never stops surprising you :3
  3. I stopped playing like a year ago, and tomorrow is my birthday, SO THIS IS BASICALLY THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER xD Devs thanks for hard work :3 and thanks for making me interested in this game again :3
  4. Can you just make game easier for ppl who dont buy mcoins.... or it will always stay like this... btw its nice update (for richies)
  5. THIS IS BESSST WS UPDATE TILL NOWWWW OMG... U GUYS R BEST.... Btw... there is no picture of hairstyle :X
  6. Pick priest or necromancer, coz they are most needed in lab and dungeons, you wont have problem with questing and making money, and trying to farm, coz there is alot of strong bd's and probably u wont be invited to pt alot times... so priest or necro and u can do all... than later when you know to play with priest and when you know how to lvl up faster and to make gold, than u make bd or ranger (some class for pvp)... or if u are going to buy mcoins from the start than pick bd...
  7. hmmmmm.... if we buy emoticons.... do they stay after event too, i meen till next update...????
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