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  1. this is a joke ????? is possible 11 hour servef off.pot exp on and skill guild.lol roland and peter -1
  2. costum drop = chets mcoins thx gm pufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff vote -1 warspear bye
  3. nice chets o costum,0 smiles full card and pot jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja next year = no vote app
  4. pot exp puffffffffffffffffffffffffff servef offfffffffffffffffffffffffff nice gift and stop servef roland gift pot lol gay gift
  5. that all they take is for level 18 or more . the weeks of double reward costumes for low levels never be able to get things well and spend considerable time in sand I think you have to have option of someday having them unique privileges in getting things well. hopefully worth waiting for the upgrade there are changes that do not agree with you but good. I hope they get weapons in the new tower is easier and has fewer sphere
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