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  1. He said I use sham for PvE and rogue for PvP, isn't clear?
  2. In PvE I use VS set, but obviously u r one of those newbs using 1 set for everythingAnd if u need hp or cd on sham, is bcs u noob and tank/die often
  3. Yes, but even +10 bd/rogues (with lvl 23 fero axes) gain less than 52 dmg from 7% items Contenders Cloak L26 got 52 flat dmg, but if u have iceq items, guild L7, card/pots, u gain: 52 +49% = 77 dmg And on bd with 4/4 Power of the Blades (+20%) and 4% elf passive: 52 +73% = 90 dmg
  4. If u think u clan kill a sham 26 with ur chars in signature...
  5. Actually physical dmg cloak/amu for #2 and #3 are better than #1
  6. In PvP I use arena set, and if I run I survive longer than u
  7. Healers don't need hp/def (I died just 1 time at Elm)
  8. YinYang vs Engineer and Elm
  9. Like me and r0land, most players don't care of 1v1, but some do Vlakiller (best barb EU) deleted after losing vs some bd And he was active+mcoiner, so I agree with this thread title
  10. Nice having different awards in 2v2 3v3 5v5 Even better if u cycle awards every season U should do the same for armor pieces
  11. Ty, was better to just give helmet to top3 (+ accessory for #1) Instead of adding new unbalanced items (phy 52 vs mag 35?)
  12. Or allow guilds have unlimited members = no need kick inactive/lazy But count only top 30 gp-makers for Tour rank and rewards
  13. I play all classes, Necro is the hardest as it stop run when uses heal/shield In DG healers and tank do all the hard work, others just follow and support/dmg Healers must keep ALL pt alive (even noobs/rambos) Tanks need some timing (aggro/cross/pots), but can relax at boss
  14. Necro = best healer/support but hardest class to play Few can master it, and only masochists can spam dg for hours I mean, try heal every 6sec in a game without hp-bars...
  15. If u assigned e-mail, u can reset password here: http://warspear-online.com/en/support/restore-password Else try: http://warspear-online.com/en/support/restore-account
  16. Easy achievement: http://imgur.com/a/3QP1Z
  17. Hassn is just a greedy dictactor He cosiders AoA (and its members) as own property All weeks he inv new players, just to use them and kick them Sunday Now he calls "dogs" old GP-makers who helped AoA for years For this all best/smart players left, and AoA stopped win Tours His guild, his rules. Just don't expect any respect, if u join AoA Expect to be called "dog" in wc and kicked, instead
  18. True, now there's a faster way Just provide SS of missing items (no need fill forms)
  19. Don't need full form (I skip ru-name/icon) Admin will check/fill all info before updating db
  20. Imho better give 15pt for arena kills and remove the 100-200pt/win from apElse PvP rating is more like AP rating (arena spammers on top) Or add a new rating counting just kills (gankers on top)
  21. Engineer seems like Elm Easy at start, but then he spawns many mobs and mines
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