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  1. in Warspear "WAR" is everything that why this game called "WAR"SPEAR zzzzzzZZzzzz nooby scout go home and duck your grandma hahaha
  2. VERY WELL SAID CHRONOZ :D:D:D dont mind scout he's not worth it and he is the most stupid player i ever know DO YOU GUYS WANT TO KNOW????LOOK ALL OF HIS SENTENCE HE ALWAYS HAVE A WRONG GRAMMAR :D:D:D:D:D Stupid indo why dont you die sucker hahahaha
  3. rainbow you know friend youre nice kind friendly but what i hate the most is you are too talkative for example this thread which is for Dragon Clan only maybe you guys should make clan too dont spam here in MCLANS Thread :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: pissed about what you doing dont spam man its not good!! SAme as you Koskiller dont spam in Dragon's Clan thread you arent Dragon Clan so please dont send a message or anything zZzZ if you want conversation like this go make your own thread not spamming on MClans's Thread For SCout i will not stop him cause he's a loser a old loser hahaha!!!!:P
  4. dont worry lila i still know you :P anyways this clan is FOR MC only you would rather make mc to join Dragon Clan :blush: will you? :D
  5. because AS I THINK OF admins didnt know before that itunes has bug and devs dont mind about that BEFORE and as i think of again somebody reported it to support then traced all account who replenished using itunes :P
  6. reason why callie got banned -she abuse using bug mcoin on itunes(this is the main reason)
  7. there was a bug she knows it yet she still abused it :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: HAHAHAHAHA
  8. Cheater always fail :P :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: hahaha mcoin bug no wonder she got 7 million gold
  9. so what my point is why do they need to update earlier?when they announced the 2.0 update it is OFFICIAL announcement
  10. to whom it may concern, 1.update should be on november 7 that was an official announcement 2.many mountain clans play on firstborns as well as firstborns they played on mountain clans which is they transferred their rares.... 3.you announce the official update but suddenly you decided to update sooner before the right time to update warspear 2.0 4.many rares stuck on other faction.....its not our fault trading to other faction why? because its warspear developers fault that they didnt fix the bug sooner.. now my problem my 2 relic item is stuck on my bag....i cant drop it as well as i cant report it to GWIDO in ghost village so what will i do to this its trash on my bag? Loyal player -Sanbanyo
  11. Sir Michael try to read this topic.........
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    sorry my friend i cant help it ahahaha :pleasantry:
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Long ago, the White Wanderer, was created Arinar the world - among the voids, which covered all around, ruled and wrote their own rules. But do not be stable Arinar as krazhaschayasya coin, roll over and he naravil obranit all his own, and never be empty. long tried to balance the white stranger world, until withdrawn from kalchana boom and has not announced its axis of this world. He drove his arrow in the center Arinara, nareknuv her to keep the peace That was the beginning ... Naude, Harad, Gaaran - to keep order in this world. But Gaaran, God - in the guise of a black dragon, decided to compare themselves with the White Wanderer and create their own world. Created Gaaran children themselves - a mighty army, sostayavshuyu of beings created in the likeness of his father - Jaccard. I saw the white stranger what's going on in his world . Heavy Stone settled in his heart. He was sad from the fact that his children, each other because of unechtozhayut power because of his power arm. Pearl tear rolled down her cheek White Wanderer and fell to the ground, absorbed by going deep into the earth ... the earth has seen a lot of blood Arinara. A lot of grass on the blood was vzroschenno ... Years passed ... Changing the rules ... The era ... But once tear the White Wanderer awoke from a long sleep. The center opened Arinara cave ... All the peoples inhabiting this world have gathered thousands of the army and went to get the artifact in its own hands. Every nation prisledoval its goal, the Elves and Men, once the great allies, recalled all their grievances, and began to tear each other's throats, Undead and the Highlanders, shativshis for swords, cut each other's necks ... long battle lasted ... A lot of blood poolilos ... Do not disassemble it or anything, everyone was for himself ... No allies, no saratnikov ... Many months later, the four huge armies totally tore itself to pieces and only four remained the leader of their people, they were strongly izmotanny, sword was a burden ... They walked, dropping his hands and head to the center of the cave ... Pearl ball, hang above the ground, covered the four leaders of the four remaining on the battlefield ... In a moment, the leaders presented with their hands to the ball and touched it. Eysentes - The leader of the Elves, felt the warmth in my chest. After removing the armor and raspohnuv shirt, he saw that his soul shines as she tears the White Wanderer and this light, no one can stop the whole breast elf leaked light ... At the same moment, Aysentes learned all the secrets have accumulated since the creation of the world, gave him wisdom and white pilgrim ... Gaydagan - the leader of mountain people, saw that all the secrets of the White Wanderer went into his mind. All became clear Highlanders, who, putting his hand to his heart, he sensed all the love, love for all peoples, to all Arinaru. Strict grin emerged on his face ... Nigtram - the leader of the Undead, I saw all the pictures Arinara. All the power of charisma redistribution of the necromancer. Many now he saw with his eyes, and knew how much he knew ... His eyes are cleansed with blood, and his body had become clear as diamonds. Became Nigtram cover the lost world, with his eyes. Fantalis - a leader of people, felt the full force of the White Wanderer, and clenched his sword, became strong vnoy hands, began to think thoughts of the Creator of the world in Arinare ... Incredible thrift, kindness and milosedie been in his mind ... Tears of the White Pilgrim, equally divided into four leaders disappeared into their bodies. Gaydagan told the others that they now regard oputyvyuet not just allies, and blood brothers. all agreed with this . Nigtram, illuminating the path from the cave, he explained that the cave this should be gone. Agreed to all. Getting out of the cave, Fantalis, waved his sword and forever sealed the sanctuary tears. Eysentes, lifting his eyes to heaven, has announced that everyone should go to his people and find unspotted hatred of the soul. This was done ... After many years, Fantalis, Nigtram, Gaydagan Eysentes and met from time to time dried up their bodies, but also intelligent and wise they were still burning parts tears. They came alone, without citing anyone with him. Exchanging glances, they realized that this world is empty ... Strong was exhausted Gaydagan, but he was able to reach Godgorada, was empty his heart from the fact that all the highland people, fell soul ... He was walking along the path, strewn with fresh snow, seen many battles along the way he is, but it was not those who would be worthy to receive all the knowledge ... I decided to priset Gaydagan to rock ... For a long time he thought of his legacy, had withdrawn into himself and not heard from under the cover of the night came the robbers ... The old man regained consciousness only after the cold steel touched his heart ... Even more bitter were his thoughts ... He fell from a stone, and turning his head to the attackers, he looked his eyes ... Cleared immediately the soul of robbers, they realized that they had made ​​a great mistake, fell to his knees and wept, begging for forgiveness ... Gaydagan, once a great warrior, gathered the remnants of his life and said that the attackers took his helmet made ​​him bowl and poured the water from melted snow ... so did they ... All of the tears that was given Gaydaganu, turned in his helmet ... Thus, the highland people on the path of redemption ... There have been many drinks, a lot has been cleared dush ... So there Keepers Keepers bowl Gaydagana ... They say that to this day, praying and asking her Keepers of forgiveness ...Great Chalice Keepers Gaydagana ... They came to bring light to this world ... http://ws-keepers.clan.su Union tears.
  15. Hi Sir Kuzmitch, I can be your billing partner on philippines because im from Philippines too, not only that but i graduated Marketing Management at University here, I think i'm qualified to be your billing partner :) but how? lol i just want to try to be a devs/mods/gm in game etc.. cause that's my dream. If you please sir you can try me.... Gomez, Carlos Miguel Alamar.
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    uhm...next time dont trust anyone even your friends in GAME....just dont trust anyone.. BEST ADVICE except your real friends on real life
  17. migs19


    No new in game zzzz boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg no event,no new monster,no new gears,no new daily's BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  18. for me I agree with your opinion but he means that animated cloak,and bg cloak are almost the same thats why i think he didnt agree with the suggestion.to unpersonal items for example Highquality cloak[shaman cloak] drop by boss on bg 18 astral 18 moon animated cloak[shaman cloak]drop by animated 17 astral 17 moon difference is only 1 i think its very unfair :Pbecause people farming before getting a drop it takes week,month next time we can be more specific next time you make a thread so that people wont react anymore if you're more specifically we can be more specific that ONLY BG ITEMS are the only thing will be unpersonal :) no other than that.
  19. Lol it's worse :P haha
  20. whats the new skill of shaman on next update???????? :pleasantry: :pleasantry: :pleasantry: PEACE
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