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    TraitorV got a reaction from Cardinal in Phishing sites!   
    This happens on EU-Emerald MC side. Please check thus out. Screenshot is attached. I'm sorry for creating another topic. I think severe actions needs to be taken. This is not stopping. And they also advertise purchashing the currency for other games.

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    TraitorV got a reaction from Cardinal in Skill description BUG (Typo)   
    This guild skill has a typo in description. It is not that big problem, but Aigrind should see that. Mistakes come from time to time, no one's perfect. 🙂 Have a great day! 😄

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    TraitorV got a reaction from Djfromhell in Blood on Dinalt Knights?   
    Wow... Haven't done it in my whole life. :O
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    TraitorV reacted to Djfromhell in Blood on Dinalt Knights?   
    Did anybody ever complete this quest?
    I play for years now and this is the first time i did this and its by accident i noticed i had it when i was having fun in dinalt fort, and i never saw anybody try to do it in Puma fort, nor did i ever saw anybody trying to find party for that quest in chat.
    I think obvious answer here is that it takes to much work for 10 cc, but i ask anyway...

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    TraitorV reacted to Djfromhell in Moonlight Greatsword!   
    So i have noticed that Technocraft Estoc looks same as Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls trilogy.
    Now why i post this in suggestions,well im a very big fan of Dark Souls having played all 3 games 10 times each and Moonlight Greatsword is one of my favorite weapons.Okay but what does it have to do with this game?
    Well when i saw it i got rly sad because looks so awesome and i cant have it because i play necro and not tank class to use it.
    So i suggest adding it as a skin for staffs.
    Now i know you are all like "wow hold on a sec mate.it would look very stupid if you use magic with 2h greatsword" and i know it may look little silly but wait there is a good reason to add it as a skin because in Dark Souls Moonlight Greatsword does (wait for it.....................................) Magic Damage.
    Yes you heard it,it doesnt do phys dmg only magic so why dont have magic users use it in warspear?
    If somebody on forum says devs cant do it because licence or copyright shit il just point at them and laugh because its allready in the game as tecno estoc.
     And i forgot to add that Moonlight Greatsword has a special attack .
    This attack basicly shoots out magic in form of blade wave,so if in warspear people ask how you can cast magic out of 2h sword i just say its called blade wave special attack
    Tnx for reading!
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    TraitorV reacted to Djfromhell in New rides?   
    Is it just me or are these rides very badly designed?
    I tried the ride where you gotta lure solars to die in many ways (staff/empty weapon/sword...) and can not get above 15 tokens and thats crap.Biggest problem is they dont obey you at all you can hit then up they go down a shit.
    The burn birds ride is also broken because takes 4 tickets and token reward is nothing.Ride is fun but reward not worth it.
    I dont do party rides because cant always find people for it.
    Simple fix to rides is token+++
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    TraitorV reacted to Jack in [2016.10.10] Game servers stop on 11.10   
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    TraitorV got a reaction from Panchen in Watch this! (not my channel)   
    Support this guy, like his video, subscribe to his channel!
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    TraitorV got a reaction from Djfromhell in Dj costume!   
    This costume is the best one I've ever hear about! Add this please. @Daria what do you think about this, does it have any chance to be released?
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    TraitorV reacted to Djfromhell in Dj costume!   
    I need a dj costume in this game because if you have headphone haircut there is no sense in not having dj costume.Its very simple jeans+black shirt and headphones!
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    TraitorV got a reaction from Konfederation in Общее обсуждение.   
    When maintenance end?
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    TraitorV reacted to TraitorV in [2015.07.16] Warspear Online 5.0 “Kronus’s Labyrinth”. Release   
    Yes I've downloaded it already.
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    TraitorV got a reaction from Hike Tyson in [2015.07.16] Warspear Online 5.0 “Kronus’s Labyrinth”. Release   
    Thanks Aigrind! Please can you send reply here when exactly we can download the new client? Thanks, and did you fixed crashing problem on Android?
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    TraitorV got a reaction from Tood in [2015.07.03] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter III   
    Nice story, can't wait for next chapter next friday!
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    TraitorV reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.06.26] Moments of history. Warspear Chronicles. Chapter II   
    Not far from Nadir-Sard, brave men found a few shards of the White Pilgrim's Spear which scattered after the Great Rift. It was made of a metal ten times more precious than gold. Traders of Chainless League started making blue coins out of it and sold the best items that were only available through the Miracle Shop (1.0.0). Later, rangers from both Alliances found a vast dungeon under Berengar's citadel with a Secret Sanctuary at its depth. Berengar used to worship Avenger there – one of the first dragons of Arinar. They also found hidden caches full of Crimson Corundums. Traders were selling their best items for these rare crystals. (1.0.0 – 1.9.0).

    Whilst busily exploring new lands, the beginning of Median Night went unnoticed by the warring factions. Forces of Firstborn Evil tried to lure fools with cursed gold, hidden in huge laughing pumpkins scattered throughout Arinar. However Sentinels and Legion resisted the temptation. At the same time, a huge number of spectators could witness the first Arena battles in their capitals. (2.0.0)

    In winter everyone was able to join the Day of World Creation celebrations. Sentinels and Legion warriors went to the Snow Boundary to visit the White Elder himself for the first time. Everyone who needed help went there, put down their weapons and forgot about their disagreements. But not for a long of course. During this period, skilled artisans crafted enchancement spheres to make weapons even deadlier. (2.5.0)

    As soon as the holiday was over, Berengar's spirit called the heroes again. He told them that he once left Arinar and found himself in a mysterious world, a world called Astral. Wanting to travel between the worlds more frequently, Berengar created a path - an Astral Labyrinth. However it was immediately filled with creatures from other worlds. Berengar was lost and his body was no more, however his spirit survived, waiting for revenge. Heroes of both Alliances went into the Labyrinth through open portals and performed great feats and fought creatures from other worlds. (2.6.0 Astral Labyrinth).
    To be continued.
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    TraitorV reacted to Tobik in Карта Обелисков   
    Спасибо!Это действительно хорошая вещь.Лови+ :friends:
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    TraitorV reacted to SoulThief in [2014.12.31] Happy Holidays!   
    Happy New Year!
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    TraitorV got a reaction from AliceMoon in [2014.12.24] Warspear Online 4.6: The Triumph of Evil Sandro. Release   
    I got new client for PC. Please put it for Android also. Thanks.
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