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    PK PK PK!!

    Not only cabal online, but many popular chinese mmorpg have PK feature. @gotek it seems that u have experienced playing mmorpg and i like your idea. PK mode is like VIP that we can do more actions in game, like we can kill players even they're an ally xD
  2. Never. GM never give any favour for mc, jut leting elfs to be powerful and outnumbered.
  3. Ofc two mages will die in a sec by two blessing of rangers
  4. Barbarian next skill: one slash damage to enemy group in small radius Ranger: fairy pet Rogue: throwing a poison BD: Multi damage (DOT) to enemy group but not to stun Warlock: resillience skill
  5. Then shaman's next skill is creating a totem with some wolfs around him to make troubling, annoying and detecting some invisible enemy and the wolfs have ability to atk transformed druid. Level 1 totem: 2 blue wolfs around totem, if no atk mode the wolfs will disappear in 5 sec Level 2: 3 blue wolfs 7 sec Level 3: 2 green wolfs 5 sec Level 4: 3 green wolfs 7 sec Level 5: 1 yellow wolf 5 sec
  6. The conclution is Elfs always better. Hamstring is best damage stun with very short cooldown. I saw many rogues lose 1v1 vs BD in pvp cave, how come? BD with very high def using SAP and hamstring, rogue's atk 290 becomes 185 dmg while BD atk with 280 + 130 dmg hamstring. Really stupid joke!
  7. With high level of leech it means u wanna kill fast but u also facing the death, however, with high level of fear u have high chance to atk, high to survive, high to escape, despite of with long fighting u have high chance to win, look at shaman, only blind is OP. Im always using life exhaust but this skill just making enemy's chance to atk/use skill on me. Long fight with high chance to win is better.
  8. Even with only 1 double if continued with power shot skill its very dengerous, look at my gif file, i recorded and look when i got a trap, the ranger attacking me with 4 hits in total and every hits with double, 1st hit: Dodge Dodge 2nd hit: 209 209 3rd hit: 209 209 4rd hit: 209 209 Its like his atk is 418 per hit (+20 bow) I was using resi sets and the ranger is still lv17 but having good blessing My 2.5K HP lost without any chance. Is right lv5 blessing is 40% acc? Or 40% is at lv1?
  9. Although i let life exhaust skill is only lv1 but im still using it for addition skill, like Crusspell said, this skill not have to be level up just for slow down enemy and get more a bit dmg. I know u are elf with no forsaken class and just giving teority opinion without testing yourself.
  10. U noob never trying. Me even used book oblivion to reset skills cuz before i was regret having lv4 leech, now im very happy having lv5 circle cuz not only good in arena but in war too. Next i wanna raise level for fear skill to be better duel 1v1, both circle and fear is two disabled skills that its best in game ever. Go play befor judging, im playing a warlock and i can feel after testing. U are elf bastard trying to suggest us to use noob skill? Really bastard.
  11. @slay look at warlock's skill build topic, after testing all skills, many warlocks considering to use this skill build: *arrow lv5 *fear lv5 *circle lv5 or *arrow lv5 *fear lv5 *circle lv3 *puddle lv3 And life leech is just for additional skill not have to be level up, just let it lv1 only and use it for additional skill like chop to slow down enemy.
  12. @iknowuall your matematic is 0. Go play group! I mean to do 500 dmg output of ranger cuz of blessing, so warlock should do 250 dmg output and receive 250 heal input
  13. Lol you are ranger asking me never seen spanish, yun and eikishi? They are my friends in game. I know spanish has full BG sets plus fast internet access, yunzhii with good aggresive plus fast internet access (PC) and eikishi is indo players he is only with high amped staff +9, but all his gears are mine is better. Ofc i can kill ranger 1v1 with hard effort. But u know what am i talking about? I'm talking shaman can't tank two rangers in arena for a sec but still can tank two rich rogues or another melees surviving for 5-10 sec.
  14. This is a reason why mc lazy to hunt or helping chainless: 1. We are dumbed and coward, cuz always get many killed by elfs and we lost the war 2. When we lost in war (ex: BG) we lazy to come back cuz its too far while elfs can respawn so quick cuz near camp riff 3. We are lake of people, less than elfs 4. By looking too many elfs coming it makes us getting down and giving up.
  15. Facing 2 rangers lv19-20 arena is the hardest opponent for magician class. If fail to knockback 1st so no chance to protect, seriously 1 shaman can't tank 2 rangers in arena even he is best shaman, although shaman blind one, another ranger with lv5 blessing is make game over in a sec, but very strange that shaman still can tank 2 rich rogues cuz of earthquake.
  16. GM should test facing real players live in-game. Make magician class with +10 ampified clothes armors and try to defeat Wolfsy or Gwapito, and let me know.
  17. I'm sure not only me dying in a sec when facing lv5 blessing even i have amplified my gears with all average +7 but my shaman is wearing clothes its still not enough def. I have experienced with some partners and my partner ever died in a sec too and wtf with 0 dmg result. I'm very upset looking too many double dmg over my head before i died, very unbalance only blessing gives double with same damage of normal. With lv5 blessing its like their normal atk is 600+ dmg per hit, so its same with +20 bow amplified. We have only around 2K+ HP, while ranger can deal over more than 2K+ HP in 1 hit a raw. Many rangers loving to make very high amp of their bows cuz it gives too big effect for blessing or double. I really doubt GM never test playing LIVE in game and facing some rangers in arena lv19-20.
  18. @darkme come to EU, and try arena 19-20.
  19. Yes, keep insulting me :( Ya Tuhan, aku sakit....
  20. Oh my god! What am talking about? Im not talking about arena tactic, what i show you is blessing is working not like only 40%. Pls read carefully before judging me, "look carefully that blessing works every atk"
  21. If you can't download, use this link http://wowmantap.wap.mu/files/633300/GifTailor_0080.gif
  22. Although im not hero, at least i can tell the truth. I know no one supporting me cuz not only in game is huge of elves but in this forum too, and Snorlax never listen. How sad i am. Yes, im retard, stupid, foolish but you must know what i say its reality. My tears have been dry already, ok here is animation of warspear in GIF format i captured when i was going arena. Look carefully every ranger atk, all every atk including double. I have success stuned BD but ranger easy kill me, how poor my 2.5K HP was drained down and died so fast. Sorry i can't upload in this forum cuz its size 1.2 MB i just can give you link to download http://goo.gl/ddkeu
  23. And u must know, trap is control skill too that u can put it everywhere u want especially u always put at crossing in camping. And puddle of warlock isn't good because enemy can pass by running out of puddle, sometimes only got 1 dmg puddle, and its so hard locking puddle with darkcircle on target when enemy moving
  24. Lol ranger has all. Instead double u must know that ranger has stun and knockback skill. Ranger stun = trap (single) warlock sleep = darkcircle (multi) ---> ok fair cuz warlock wearing no def knockback = scatter knockback = fear ----> fair Now one of remaining skills are blessing vs life leech. Pls use your brain u compare them
  25. And you can't compare BG with AA, aa items are totally bulshit, only ring is good enough but all BG items is very precious with full stats bonus, purple and red. So we still need balance to get a chance to hunt BG for mclan. The most lv18 laby items is gotten by rich people with already strong amped and having pots and reviving.
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