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  1. This is what happens when people cheat, The INNOCENTS get robbed, :facepalm: Marshal doesn't have to be blocked, Just remove all his MC and leave the Premium Items that he WORKED HARD for, Here's what you should do: Block ALL Guilty players, Remove there Premium items and MC, then unblock, For the INNOCENT PLAYERS, remove 50% of their premium items and MC, No need to rob them, they work hard for that, don't make their hard work disappear, Sorry for the rudeness and disrespect
  2. Patience guys, They can't make a 100% accurate guess when the Updates will be, They're too busy Finding SMS provider for Miracle Coins around the Earth and don't Forget about all those bugs they fixed, ;D
  3. Here's mine : :rofl: (OMG NOOB) >:D (I'm not a noob!) *Fight Fight Fight* *Both dead* ... :yahoo: *Me dancing in the corpses*
  4. I like Pandas! ;D Anyone selling panda suit?
  5. May I join? Balanar|Barbarian|Level 6
  6. *I was doing the daily quest "Hunting for Ogres" I had to kill 60 and then when I got the reward I realized that it was too low, 8 exp and 60 gold isn't worth it, So if you can, Please increase the daily rewards to 15 exp and 100 gold, Thanks, *And if you can also, Increase the regen from every 5 seconds to 2 seconds or decrease the food and potion price by 50%, *Add hotkey to Nokia 5230, just atleast 5 small buttons and remove the "Use" button, *Make Nadir-Sard a peace zone to Legion and Sentinel (Enemies can Trade, Chat and Etc.) *Increase Druid/Shaman and Ranger Damage *Increase party size to 8 or 10 (Bosses are more stronger and we don't want to kill it 2 times for other party) *Make a "View" option when buying armour like in Miracle Shop *Add a penguin suit in the Miracle Shop *Bring back the looks of Berengar gear, The revenge set looks like leaves and the Druid and Shaman gear looks like Pajamas :facepalm:
  7. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a party to do Shadows, We are just 3 at the moment: Mercurial Zaw Elemental ? ? We need 2 more people, and when everyone is online we will start,
  8. I'ma get a Chipmunk and raise it to a Berengar Guard :lol:
  9. OMG, I bought that acute broadsword for nothing :facepalm:
  10. I got too ;D Thanks Warspear peeps :drinks:
  11. Update: Great, :good: Balance: Enemies too strong, Reduce attack and Health points, Sir, 8) Hmm, I'ma make a Barb account, ;D
  12. You're Izanagi :shok: Remember me Mate? ;D
  13. Go to Kamp Riff if you need guards, There's hardly anyone here, :facepalm: Go Now Please or PM mercurial 8)
  14. I need them, And we need to find blockers, And talk some sense to those stubborn people, WE NEED TO STATEGIZE PEOPLE, DON'T JUST CHARGE IN AND RESPAWN AND LET OTHER PEOPLE'S GAME CRASH, Anyway update tomorrow so no more game crash! ;D
  15. Woah, nice, which guard drops it? Drogon?
  16. I see, Does any boss drop the blade? Or just Acute Gladius?
  17. You name the price, Just not too expensive, 8)
  18. boss hunters, so you guys farm on bosses?
  19. Can I join? I've been looking for a group in Emerald, I've been in a group before, but most of them retired :facepalm: My names are Mercurial-BD-R4 Shitzo-Ranger-R3
  20. Daily's are pain in thee ass, thanks though, I'ma start doing daily's :wacko:
  21. I'ma Rank 4 druid, Deal 90-100 average damage, And I need some $$$, Anyone know easy way to earn? Farm on what enemies and what location?
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