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  1. This is my entry Black and white costume :) black and white -angle pandora hat -angel pandora armour -angel pandora glove -angel pandora boots - Angel Wings (white and black)
  2. hi all i already complete hydra quest can u tell me what number is have a good drop for me? just wondering i need ur answer :clapping:
  3. :mega_shok: Masterhp Ever SCAMM SNORLAX AND KUZMICTH
  4. i never want to play at that server because - i already strong on eu - I HATE PVPRANGE
  5. No all ppl have very much money money like u and btw thats right :good: you idiot to waste your money here beter you buy a bread for you
  6. i sell all item with gold and mcoin and that gold and mcoin i sell with real money because illegal to sell acc
  7. i sell all item on my bag bcus amp system is a killer :facepalm: and make me bored to play game
  8. i get clarra id and pass i wanna play it but i wanna ask first thats legal or ilegal
  9. pls answer me why i dont get any reason from devs i send a ticket but not answered yet.......... i already wait for 6 days-7days the devs not reply my topic at emerald threads dont delete this topic again i just need answer
  10. she ever tell me she is leukimia patient
  11. goodbye Clarra aprilia u are friendly people but god take u very fast i wont forget u :'(
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