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  1. On 6/3/2017 at 8:13 AM, FakeUser said:

    Try this for arena

    Main dmg skill 3/5

    penetration skill 5/5

    stealth 5/5 

    shield 1/5

    slow skill 1/5

    try building penetration weapons and gear it will help alot

    You're going for a burst set up so ur gonna wanna use a spear for high damage. But even then your sheild how will u survive against strong tanks? 

    On 6/2/2017 at 7:33 PM, Jzargo said:

    Try 5/5 stealth, you will be the fastest man alive in Arinar. I saw people max stealth and they ran like a Flash :biggrin:

    My stealth is 3/5 and i love it xD moving soo fast on chosen is funny

  2. I dont get that fact that gm is pushing this class to be melee dps with light armor when:

    1. Hardly any stun: without stuns we won't be able to set up are attack or combos to kill are enemy (assuming Its a pvp)


    2. The skills just dont fit together: your build is exactly how i planned to build my character. And that leaves "inspiration" (skill)100% useless when it's actually not that bad of a skill. 


    3. This class has alot of offense and again the word HARDLY any defense: we are suppose to survive how can we do so without the proper tools.


    these are somethings i had in mind as i lvl my character up I could be wrong but this is so far what i see please tell me im wrong and explain why.

  3. 8 hours ago, Gladiator said:

    Well I made a little list, I guess it's a bit different? I focused on people that get less attention, not the ordinary people that everyone knows.

    My top selections are:


    Mage: Gunpowder, Urgoits            (No extraordinary gears here, just skills)

    Priest: Elwinoa            (Average amp, quick support reflexes)

    Paladin: Noxim, Tankmax, Buffguyx          (They latter two have nice builds, Noxim is pretty good arena partner)


    Bladedancers: Kalamata            (Oldie goldie)

    Druid: Looking for someone

    Ranger: Looking for someone



    Shaman: Kitige, Inq         (Very interesting and unique skill builds, didn't see any Shamans like them)

    Rogue: Looking for someone

    Barbarian: Looking for someone


    Deathknight: Rassmarine, Stuns, Totoybatoh           (Good with timing skills. Not relying on a broken skill - Reserve)

    Warlock: Lennojx       (Too stronk, even when he was lvl14 he'd kick lvl26s+ ass)

    Necromancer: Lloco   (Very good necro, totally would kick ass. He's actually very low amped, I was surprised after I inspected him)

    Love it feel in those blanks tho lol 


  4. 16 hours ago, Psipsi said:

    Lol none love my bd :tongue:

    There are so many bd's its very easy for many to be miss.

    And to be fair let these new ws player get some light we dont always have to remind everyone of the same pros. Even tho i love the classic pros :D always respect them.


    Btw these best player topics never get old always a good way to get a debate going lol 



  5. You can't simply judge multi-players fights on papers.

    Don't forget that DK can pull the Paladin into the bunch of MCs from 7 yards and then instantly stun and kill. 7 yards are longer than any heal or support skill.

    In arena 5v5 or wars Banner's damage is pretty insignificant, to focus the damage on one target, you need to use Sun Seal, But practically, the Paladin wouldn't put it into priority, because there are more important experts to use first(Illumination and Call), and Sun Seal would be delayed because of 2 seconds delay time, neglecting being stunned or pit'ed.

    DK, Shaman, Necro can stun/disable the Paladin before being able to do anything. The jump is 3 yards only, and the stun could fail, so then the Pala gets stunned and can't fetter, since DK's silence is instant, if you have Death Call active. You see, you can't predict scenarios.


    And you are the one who came up with Banner hitting high on 1 player not me. :P

    Totem hits the player being most damaged by the Shaman.


    Paladin was weak, and now not, but yall want it weak again. No.


    Mailli don't talk about 1v1 when you know your class is broken in it xD No matter how high the Banner hit to one target, DK has the priority to stun first and forever, same for Warlock. I'm just saying don't complain about Banner hitting 1k on 1 player where it could be split, and there are more OP classes when it comes to 1v1.


    I said it is fair to do the normal fixes like target limits. But Call is fine. And Illumination is finally usable. If you wanna keep nerfing Paladin till we get a balanced war, we'd have almost no AoE because MCs don't excel at this point, and since wars are mostly decided by having AoE.

    Again, complain for devs about MCs lacking AoE damage. Necro deserves maybe or lock needs less stuns and more damage. It's a different topic anyway.

    PREACH IT BOY! Amen! You need to open up a warspear church. XD

  6. Zzz yall come up with some bull reasoning on why my topic shouldn't even be a topic. it seem fair to me to ask. So I did. you act like every single pala is going to be able to get these rewards Full set... its kinda funny...

  7. He hits me 2.7k Solid hit with 2.6k mdef and 22% Resil. enough said for your "Weak Paladins" or people who want magic Arena Rewards.

    All I was asking for was a choice. Since magic is a common play style for palas. All classes are op in there own way. I find it unfair when i pvp a sham or druid that heals more than i can deal. But its just how the game is. i'm waiting for Roland to come and provide a comment to end this already.

  8. Magic Dmg on a Dk Useless. in my personal Oppinion arena rewards should come in a Coffer with your choice of A Piece of Armor and a accessory. And you get to choose which one you prefer...

    On a side note though Paladins don't need Arena Rewards Because Banner Damage is Insane. Nerf Banner heavily and Sure take as many Arena Rewards as you want idgaf but +10 with 22% Resil And I'm getting hit 2k banner Dmg that's silly and that's without arena Rewards on the Paladin...would make Zeus Solo War so what's the point. But I do see why you think it's unfair.

    I see you point. But less be honest how many palas u think will get to that lvl xD and like what glad said there are other single target skills that mess up players1v1

  9. 1h maces with magic in first stat suck, devs need to cut wasting wpns out, we better have physical damage main in mace builds, and magic as a secondary stat.

    Exactly my point. I dont know, this has been bugging me and now im questioning if i want to continue using pala or go back to bd or make a druid. If gm or someone with game knowledge can answer I'd be really happy.


    Back to topic, until devs buff 2h physical damage weapons to match the profit of magic weapons, Paladins are gonna keep maxing magic, because there is no other option, so don't blame us for demanding to choose between the rewards. I don't even go for top ranks but it makes sense to give options with the introduction of such weapons.

  10. Maybe that's why pro Palas rarely join arena tour, cloack craft and horror are better :P

    Well yeah i wanna go arena but before i start throwing money I wanna know what the problem is. I dont want an excuse. Just straight up fact.

  11. Maybe that's why pro Palas rarely join arena tour, cloack craft and horror are better :P

    Well yeah i wanna go arena but before i start throwing money I wanna know what the problem is. I dont want an excuse. Just straight up fact.

  12. Maybe that's why pro Palas rarely join arena tour, cloack craft and horror are better :P

    Well yeah i wanna go arena but before i start throwing money I wanna know what the problem is. I dont want an excuse. Just straight up fact.
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