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  1. i feel like this game has become more about profits than establishing a solid player-base which is kind of sad as i still think that this game has great potential but getting to the point... i think that mcoins crimson and gold is one currency too many as gold has lost all value... maybe the devs should think about introducing premium items that are currently only available for mc to be made available for purchase by gold (like potions) because as it stands gold has no value whatsoever and might as well be gotten rid of !
  2. Bizkits

    The FoF Clan Book

    pm me a few names in the forum so i can pm people when im online because im not really active until next weeks update :drinks:
  3. Bizkits

    The FoF Clan Book

    im not part of FOF but ill still offer a safe baldric, since i dont have no use for it ! who u want me to pm ? ;D
  4. sam here i think it has really great potential but since i have nothing to do i havent been online in aaaages :blush:
  5. Hahaha I think the only drop id enjoy would be the bow from guards -.-
  6. I just dont enjoy the atmosphere in the forum/in game !
  7. mh.. this is the reason why i cut down on my playing time so much because people trash-talk in forum and fight unfair in-game :facepalm: you guys might think its fun but not for me sorry ! :good:
  8. why pay any money for a feature thats being offered to other mmo players for free ? i dont get it i think that costumes/runes should stay in the shop and other items as well but i think parts of the game like changing your hair, teleporting etc should be free to all players ! maybe the way you guys are going with the mc shop isnt the right option... dont get me wrong warspear has great potential its just paying for basic things kinda annoys people (as i can see from posts in forum) and i think you should expand further into the runes etc for the shop not making people pay for storage space etc... maybe you can introduce an item for 500 mc that lets you make your own guild or something like that :pardon:
  9. most importantly, make it free !
  10. they have taken down the service for your country because there have been problems with the service... same for alot of other countries ! lets just wait and see im sure the service will be back up as soon as the problems are solved ;)
  11. haha your bandicoot ! i was thinking why this small shaman was so quick to react in pvp :blush:
  12. i guess close range units need another skill to make up for the lack of power in pvp batles but then again, rangers could use a good skill for bosses ;D
  13. yeah i dont like that either... it again gives people with lots of money more advantages but then again lots of people started selling mc shop items for gold which is good to... maybe this will give the gold a value again because as of now its useless :facepalm:
  14. I hope theres a sollution soon ! so we can all get back to supporting warspear, our community and you guys for doing a great job ! :good:
  15. overpowered is a bit exagerrated ! i pvpded sinscale who i only beat by about 1-2hits ! the thing is that i think is that there is a balance in-game... different characters are good for different jobs (mages for support, barbs/bds as tanks and rangers as damage dealers) if you want all characters to be the exact same why have different classes ? :pardon: the only chars that need some love are rogues in my oppinion !
  16. mh... i guess for this leveling sysstem to really make sense we need a much higher player population !
  17. i think rogue has a lot of disadvantages at the moment and i hope that the next update brings them a good new skill so we can try the pvp again and it will be more even !! :drinks:
  18. I think this has been discussed many times and also been dismissed by the more senior members of the community, but i think that looking at the current situation with many level 16+ players not doing dailys to earn exp because they find them too repetitive it cant be ignored that exp for killing mobs might be a better option... this would also mean that people that play the game more often would advance faster and to a higher level than others because higher level players can hunt higher level mobs ! more game time=stronger character ! also this would get rid of daily quests which are reeeaaally boring :blush: i would prefer to get my 10 exp from killing 40 random mobs than to search for 10 burning mixtures for an hour ;D i know many people think that the leveling is unique and fresh to the genre but i think grinding is a better/more sensible alternative :unknw: let me know what you think ! (also oppinions of high level people are important to me on this post as this concerns you guys more than others :friends: )
  19. its a little missleading true but i think this can be avoided by a little change in the structure of the setup ! no point in calling the devs thiefs because i dont think that this is their intention ! as mentioned in previous posts there has been hundreds of complaints over the last few weeks and they cant get around to everyone within a 24hour period so just be patient it might take a while but im sure you will get a sollution ! :good:
  20. indeed ranger is strong if he has full/good equip ! just need to learn tactics ! i think the devs got the balance spot on ! (except for rogue maybe)
  21. Bizkits

    Fightclub !

    Mh... Rap I guess ur right theres never really a fair fight lol but u know f*ck it ! :D
  22. Btw ambi u know us 3 have stuck together since the beginning :D
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