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  1. hmm is it wrong if player want say freely what player feel??? and what we want??i think banned rainbow becoze that its funny. kuzmith we spend many money for this game,and we want to say what we dont like in the game,so u guys can do more in the future..the arena good,but kuzmith,if u play arena all the time,do u not feel bored?and nothing to do..we just want speak freely what we feel.please unbanned rainbow,coz this joke if u banned coz he speak freely..
  2. Hmm I not rich dude I only want my acc be good,and I dont buy sword but axe bg drop
  3. DragneiIll

    Support team

    yea they help me too and give me justice
  4. sorry for my stupidness...thnks so much
  5. no i pay in the website,then i put the id he give to me..then buy it from website
  6. thnks for mioco and the other admin for the justice..thnks so much
  7. then can my coin give to my acc?15k mcoin?
  8. lol damn,hope u know who is blankz and this all problem can be resolve and prove if that blankz is scameer or i m libel,i dont want to talk again,let the admin do the job.
  9. just let the admin check it..that my payment go where..are u the admin scout?if no let the admin do it..
  10. that all mcoin go to [email protected] the id of blankz 4142_.doc 4143_.doc 4144_.doc
  11. this is the history of my acc.yeah hope the admin check it 4133_.doc
  12. its uselles if u just ignore him,he will scam new player and get help from new player who dunno anything,the best way is bann
  13. mioco this is the story..i and blankz have a deal.if i pay 15 kmcoin he give the axe 2hd drop bg.after i put the coin to blankz acc.he dont give the item then ignore me.
  14. yes smurf i do wrong too.but i just want to know how the suport handdle like that scammer.if u not banned him it wil be many victim..and already have 2 victim me and yinzzz..hope you guys know what to do.
  15. hey the first im not ask my friend harrasing him.if u dont know anything dont intefered okay...and i trade chat him because i dont want any player been scam like me..so dont talk like u know everything if u dunno.thnks
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