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  1. It's crazy on mythic sea. Boss hit me 7.5k and it doesn't matter what i do or what items i use And i play necro so you see my point.
  2. 12 guild lvl... bad very bad. Now low lvl guild don't have chance in almost all and simply die.
  3. "Skills that use character's health. Now using such skills will not interrupt movement." Necro finally can heal without STOP WHEN HE WALK????
  4. I have another question. When players lets say +7 mayby +8 can do Technopolis dungeon? Never? Ty ^^
  5. Technopolis is impossible for normal players (+7). And i talk about easy mode!!!
  6. "Critical enchantment bonus was increased and now will lead to attainment of 2 levels up instead of 1". You mean Great Charm?
  7. Szybko można się dorobić na bossach 80K w Garu. Sporo esencji w tym fioletowych tych najdroższych. No i na 4 bosach tych u góry lecą itemy 21 lvl paski, ringi, amulety. Te najlepsze po 70k można sprzedać. Reszta z drugiej mapy to itemy po 2-3k z lake itp. No i bossy po ponad 1 mln te sie hunci tylko po kostiumy. Choć hydra na drugiej mapie dropi też bronie 18lvl. Nie wiem jak jest na swamp co tam leci. To tyle.
  8. Second run in kronus and all fine. No bug this time.
  9. Hi i just wanna say when we kill heart in kronus dungeon we cant go enter portal and kill boss. And when we back use purple teleport game crash. When you fix this?
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