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  1. Hi, im from us server, dont worry its a device ban as i said, its a bug im guessing, simply change device to log ur acc for now, it should be fixed tommoz
  2. Hi, i am purely speculating on past mistakes and presume an error has marked our devices as bots and auto banned us, as u can see accounts are not banned and u can log them by other device, please be patient while gm wakes and sees
  3. Olá, eu não falo português então por favor, perdoe se houver algum erro, atualmente muitos jogadores foram bloqueados ao mesmo tempo por uma proibição de dispositivo, em que eu acredito ser uma proibição de dispositivo, tenho certeza que os moderadores irão corrigir de manhã, por favor paciente e usar dispositivo diferente para registrar até então
  4. No 😛 its bug idk what went wrong im purely speculating on previous times this happen, im guess it see all device as one user
  5. Yes as i say it acted up, it thought we bots so ban us, like chat bots in wc or bots arena or bots for farm, gm watch for all, give some patience
  6. hi guys, this is just from me, but from what im aware gm has a system in place catch bots, our devices look dodgy so it acted up, its a bug,happened many ppl, dont worry gm will most likely fix when awake, atm change device as it device block only
  7. Ik the skill but the whole who are u ? XD i am a skill :3 tbh if u win u should take that username
  8. One of the best here but the ending What is your name Splitting
  9. It begins with the creation of a seeker, the name chosen was Counciler, a suited name which a few old heroes had remembered. The aim of this seeker was to create a strong seeker to beat deadly bosses and dungeons. I had started to raise the seeker and had come across many obstacles, if it was not collecting berries or bear claws, it was defeating a powerful boss. The greatest challenge on that first island was that of the lord of orphan lake, he was a formidable foe, in which took arcane magic with the summoning of a cat charmer to help heal me. The second island had arrived and people started to see my name, I had gone to the dealer and spoke in chats to barter for some new equipment to better myself for surviving the new terrain. I was introduced to arena and newly added was contender prizes, and I was given the opportunity to take one. This had not gone unnoticed and this first season did not go easy, I had fought hard against rangers and bladedancers who had wanted the glory of taking a rank. In the end I was victorious, with allies I had gained I had joined the next season to take a contenders cape. With my new cape I felt immortal, no longer would I suffer with low mana regeneration. I felt my goal was complete, I retired my seeker, my goal was complete. A season passes and a friend was under attack, a mage had planned to steal his #1 arena spot, this could not happen. I brought my seeker back to life, I had new aims, I was to block, I was to spam, I was to take #2 and then help other friends as to remove the new arising threat. A ring arrived with a %damage buff and my damage increased greatly. My overall goal was not completed more fights came and went and I had gained a second ring, this is when a fortuitous event had happened. Warspear's birthday had brought an opportunity to level with all my new accessories and become a strong seeker, but I feel I needed a new name for the upcoming seeker. The past was the past, Warspear needed a new name to remember. Chest were bought and costumes were dropping, and with recent availability of names, I had gained the name Anubis. This is when i decided to acquire the Anubis costume to match my new name. At first chance I changed my name and began the endless grinding to lvl26. This is my journey so far, there is much repetition in the tasks in Warspear, but with seeking greatness comes the need for effort to attain. With Halloween approaching, and the awaited underwater town of Ayvondil, what other adventures will I have ? Anubis, lvl26 seeker, Us-Sapphire
  10. Nvm i fell asleep last night after normal didnt collect so when i did tt hard i didnt realise i hadnt collected it so thought other was hero
  11. Counciler

    Cant open t3

    I have completed all yellow quests t1-2 map 4 and no quest has opened for t3....i dont have the rep but done quests tt hard
  12. Give snorlax a break at least he one of the best mods on here xD troll 24/7 xD devs will sort what they must sort, its better they fix now then wait all break later and people say why not fix when you saw, can't have it either way these days :( #teamsnorlax #gottacatchemall
  13. Anything on what the bosses drop.from farm them ? @Daria and @Reivenorik also @Higgings since ur aware :P as bosses must have some drop :3
  14. @Daria @Reivenorik does farming the bosses drop the book and costumes too ? :(
  15. Counciler

    US Drama

    Pardon my wording, as I tried to say the second application is not clear, I agree one shows warspear, but another could be simply a gallery application showing a screenshot No need calm down :P can all be civil, swearing is banned in forum, maybe say lies instead
  16. Counciler

    US Drama

    Troll or lie as I said, sometimes when people are persistently harassing you, like in wc, sometimes people lie get them of their back, you are free to report anything you want,but I guess he get temp ban as it words only, however I have some lovely screenshots of some of your discrepancies sai, which kedi sent me over the years, such as when you logged her account give her +10 staff and help her dungeon, I don't report for two reasons, one kedi is a friend, two you don't try to cheat as bad as that of these chinese, 24/7 and 10acc + that seems a joke
  17. Counciler

    US Drama

    Well lets not start throwing insults around now Btw before any jump on this I talked about the mannerism of giving evidence against urself as dumb, if u still wanna keep the innocent verdict 😅 lets drop the drama let support staff sort this, sorry support staff xD
  18. Counciler

    US Drama

    People can troll in wc or just lie to make ppl shut up keep spam cry, see the major difference here is, shuai provide his own photo him use multi acc says he use multi acc , and is magically making ap in long spams, see sai I'd love to argue but simple words are not proof for long ban its a temp ban by rules, but supplying ur own evidence against yourself is kinda dumb in my opinion, we suspected him of cheat as 24/7 on all char on n off same time and ofc afk spams not evej try fight but always spam, yes that does show ws open twice but no second acc shown, one could be gallery open show ss same spot and other ws :P If u can alej post the full sized photo showing both apps open, not just showing one and another window
  19. Okay so everytime ws update they must now update apple early ? And if everything goes through faster they get update before release ? Moderators try their best, please understand that they are not Gods nor demi gods, they already prepare special deal for apple users if you had checked their facebook page. -.-
  20. Counciler

    US Drama

    Shuai by leave all ur device let all use u breach the rules You literally admit to cheating in forum,
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