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  1. Nope, good luck for you, I'm not here for it, and I like the idea of your story, I voted you there on result's topic.
  2. Join my book's media support/publisher for your writings please, just message me if you're interested.
  3. Thank you so much bro, I appreciate it, I'll try my best for it Don't forget to visit facebook.com/mindbreakpublisher it's the official fan page of my book's media support, I'll release my book per chapter through there on this late 2018!
  4. The antagonist is just play cool there, ignore the enemy and don't care about what he said if you ever read some fantasy novels, you'll find the same thing like my story, but overall, I appreciate your feedback bro, thanks a lot And I'm not gonna win anyway, cause I'm gonna delete this story (if it's possible) on the last day of the contest
  5. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your feedback About the ending, just want to get it straight The enemy asked, "who is he" right ? but the protagonist/main character is just ignore of what he said and answer him with a smirk on his face only And he just wanted to finish him off with the first damage skill of a Seeker, "SPLITTING!" (as a seeker also, you knew that skill right ?)
  6. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Hope you like a fantasy book, cause I'm working on a fantasy books and horror stories for the last 5 years. I'll try to translate the whole of the story of my book to English, so I can let you and everyone to read it per chapter for free via e-book if you want.
  7. Ah so it's a narrative poem, telling the story of your character on a different way, that's brilliant! Simple but good, you got my vote!
  8. Thank you so much! I only want to hear what you guys think about my story, this kind of feedback is the one that I want, and I'm not here for the prize really. Anyway, just a little explanation, the "age" there on my story is the level in game. You'll be able to start join the guild when you're level 2 right ? So that's it! Two years old.
  9. Best ? It's too early to say like that but thanks! I just test myself here before I release my own book. *spoiler*
  10. I am Aravoldev, I joined a guild when I was 2 years old, my guild leader took care of me and taught me the art of fighting and the techniques on self-control. Now, 18 years have passed, and I was never involved in a serious fight. The beast was still asleep inside of me, until the guild leader summoned me one night. As I walked into his room in Forest’s Heart Castle, I saw him standing, facing the window, with a grim expression on his face. Without looking back, he said, “I know you are here ... your time has come.” “I will not disappoint you, in the name of Harad and our guild, I’ll bring them back safely,” I said. As I take the path to the Rotting Garden to save my friends, I sense something strange when I reached the Desecrated Grove. It is unusually quiet here ... something is wrong ... it is too quiet. Then from behind a tree, I noticed daggers flying towards me. I cast a magical shield to reflect the daggers, then I turned to see who the attacker was, I saw a masked man with deadly daggers in each hand. The attacker thrust toward me, and landed his elbow on my face then kicked my chest. It made me step back, then he disappeared before my eyes. I unsheathed my sword and he suddenly stabbed me in the back with his dagger. I made my move to swing my sword and I managed to scratch his face. He was bleeding, blood was dripping from his cheek down on my sword. Then I felt it ... the smell of fresh blood was slowly awakening the sleeping beast inside me. I can’t let this happen, I won’t let this happen ... I tried to fight it ... but slowly I am losing. May Harad forgive me, I can’t hold it anymore, and then it happened. I closed my eyes and lift up the sword to my face. I lost myself. I licked the blood dripping from it, and as I opened my eyes, everything turned red. The beast inside me has awoken, a great force is unleashed. The hunger for my attacker’s blood drives me, I can’t see, yet I can smell his blood from afar. Now, my attacker becomes my prey. To summon a great force, I lift up my sword to draw a circle on the ground, and stand in the middle of it. A technique my guild leader has taught me. A skill I mastered only now. As it activates, it turns red and the spell marking comes out of it. I moved towards my prey, struck his armor with my sword, then I gave a hard blow on his chin. The punch is so strong, he flew a few yards away. Scared for his life, my prey started to run. I pierced the ground with my sword, focus all my strength on it, and then suddenly, the hand of the awakened beast came out from the circle. The beast’s hand grabbed him, and pulled him back to me. Now I see my prey’s fear stricken face in front of me. And I know, immobilized by the hand of the beast, he is done. Looking into his eyes, I said, “If you spit up in the air, it will fall down on your face.” Shocked with unbelief, he said, “Who are you ? You can’t kill me!” With a smirk on my face, I lift my sword and said, “SPLITTING!”
  11. If you guys can't type anything in chat, please install smart keyboard app/another keyboard apps in your phone! You should try it, it works on me!
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