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  1. But it is the first time I got message from support team. Even don't have warning email.
  2. Thank you for your reply, but the link you send me, I found that Permanent full denial of game access: repeated creation of bot-characters. The bot-characters will permanent ban, but my account is not bot and never used third party software. But still got ban and forever. And as I said the support team always say facts and duration of bans in our game are not revised. Are they can prove that my account is bot? I payed money and time in this game, I am not stupid and I won't use third party software. I just want find a people who can help with.
  3. I want to know is that game have player service? As a consumer, I think I deserve the service I receive. Because of some issues I was contact support team, but support team reply SO SLOW and always reply the same answer just like a robot. NEVER SOLVE PROBLEM.
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