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  1. i want to add firm arm guards and firm mail boots ok F.o.F. :drinks:
  2. ban blankz for intentional scamming :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  3. i logged in and out twice i dc first time smurf :good:
  4. emerald on pc working fine in the u.k. :pleasantry:
  5. no place here for scammers, hackers , cheaters or just general bad people so ban them all keep warspear good for the good people let the rest suffer :diablo:
  6. thanks michael but why tell us the day it happens why not now? we impatient lot you know ;D
  7. congrats smurfie :good: just wish there some sort of way to stop all the terrible insults and bad language in game though. i know we have ignore but that doesnt stop them from doing it to others i think some punishment might make them change mods in game be good i think then all players will know they cant get away with it. Thats just my noob opinion anyway :unknw:
  8. come hunt then when you get drop lets see you enjoy that hunnibun :blush: ;D
  9. no trash talking here biz just ambi has more faces than a dice ask them what happened to me 3 vs 1 ;) and btw ambi i never use pots in pvp look for yourself noob :good:
  10. biggest load of crap i seen posted here ambi you just attacked me 3 vs1 at genie so stop crying and learn what goes around comes around as you just did ok :good: 8)
  11. i need shadows now nobstrider (noob barb) :blush: 8)
  12. wonder who that mega noob is sulla :blush:
  13. Even noob could with full berengar set :blush:
  14. You will find it almost impossible now half the amber server have cape and now we find the truth about this "impossible" boss devs make it a lot harder so we wont get so many of them. Thanks is all i have to say :good:
  15. this only my opinion but i think this newest update is terrible to be honest . No in game content, made everything harder that is worth doing now we found the truth. And yet more new stuff to BUY with coins, nah just like i thought all about generating revenue now so sad to see just like other mmorpgs never mind good try i say was interesting for a while :drinks:
  16. Ok then read this whos lying http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=6487.0 :blush:
  17. Hopefully the in the next few days there is going to be a post about next update kai so fingers crossed friend :drinks: :lol:
  18. i agree hackers and scammers have no place here on the game with us good people i hate them all :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  19. sSin if you think that make elf and come see how the other half of emerald hunt we pro noobs ;D
  20. All these pics are good judges will hard choice i think keep up the good work all :friends:
  21. You are the artistic type biz for sure good drawing nice 1 :drinks:
  22. lag at crossing terrible now if you have a few enemies attacking you but maybe it meant to be like that who knows ? :pardon:
  23. both should go same place ;) not all over forum ;) support
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