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  1. huh? I re-downloaded the client thru website too and i got 4.2.2 from it.
  2. By the way, Dont tell me to re-download,re-install the game client coz i already did everything that is possible to fix it.
  3. What the F is this? Windows are having a problem?? I thought theres just a problem last night when i was farming then i got disconnected from the game. I tried to reconnect a couple of times last night and i keep getting same message. Im sleepy so i went to sleep hoping that when i wake up, everything will be back to normal. But now, Im getting the same message. What is happening? My connection is doing fine. I can download, I can browse, I can stream. Everything I can do with my connection is doing SUPER FINE! But only warspear is not working? Lmao! Im not sure what am I doing here coz im sure this post will be ignored just like the other threads outside but, its better than nothing.
  4. Oracles

    us vs eu.

    I think only those players whos been tired on their old server are saying "US noob!" or "EU noob", example: Player A is from EU server but players there are bullying him/her so he/she decided to switch to US server. Well of course, when he arrive in US server, she/he will say that EU server is noob just because he/she got bad experience on her/his former server. Same goes with US server player.
  5. Im guilty with this lol. Not because im lazy, but because im almost always afking in caravan. I maybe online but im usually afk(its either im not at home or doing something irl). I dont know how, but maybe because im tired of the game. Getting bored etc... Almost everyday when im afking and when i get back. Theres a lot of pms i received. Asking for CL help,skill set up, gold, asking for my items link,staff etc.. I usually ignore most of them(specially those who are asking for gold or my items link) but those who are asking for quest help, I tried to pm them back but they are off lol. Expect this with me nowadays coz when im done questing, Im going afk.
  6. Not only in safe zone guys, I remember when Me and Skynete are doing 3v3 in lvl22 bracket, We faced a random mcs(with 1 lock with them), we beat them of course but guess what?, Before the arena ends, the lock casted "Hex" on Skynete then the arena ends. All was fine, till we demand 3v3 again, and when were in? Skynete is forever Silenced on that round. LOL Its a bit funny but if all warlocks abused it, then I guess something MUST be done here. P.S.: When we re-demand again, We faced different team(Elf) but Skynete is really silenced
  7. Yeah, Im asking devs to close this thread. Zeus just told me what to do on that quest, I'll try to finish that Echo quest and see if I'll have the other yellow quests. Thanks
  8. I hate to say this coz im Elf/Chosen but, thats it?? I mean about the paladin's banner? lol, I was expecting a "radius" or "distance" fix not a splitting damage. LOL I wouldnt mind the damage before this update, its the 7x7 radius thats giving us a hard time on it. Lmao! So what if the damage is splitting? A 2-3 paladin in 5v5 will still own the 5v5 arena even their banner is only doing 50-60+ damage coz it lessen the physical/magic defense too right? So guess what will happen if 3 paladin+2 rangers in 5v5 arena? 2 paladins can cover the whole map(your screen) with those "7x7" banner. BRING BACK THE DAMAGE BUT REDUCE THE RADIUS! P.S: ITS THE 7x7 RADIUS ARE THE FIRST COMPLAIN ABOUT IT RIGHT?? NOT THE DAMAGE!
  9. Is it just a coincidence or the Arena tickets sale are gone now? Coz I havent seen it for almost a week. Im actually waiting for it. I just had a thought if you guys removed it or its a bugged? I noticed it when this thread has been made and roland said its been fixed so i guess this has something to do with the Arena ticket sale. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=113263.0 Would you guys please check?
  10. Nice idea, but have you guys fixed the necro's expert skill?(Fateful connection) coz I still remember when Snorlar first came and we(elves) are farming it with 3-4 parties then suddenly 1 lvl20 necro came and used that Fateful connection on us and since it has a wide range, all of us has been linked and with Snorlar skill damaging us(The Chop-like skill) guess what happened next? WE ALL DIED! but not because the Snorlar skill is too strong but anyhow, We ALL lagged and disconnected from the game. Something is not right there so please check that issue before implementing this update. P.S: I was playing in my desktop that time with fast and stable connection so dont tell me its about my device or connection. It happened not once,not twice but several times. Imagine a player using a low specs device...
  11. FYI Zepar still speaks tagalog and Chocas is really a pinoy too coz he is cousin of xmoonlight. Im pretty sure this is just lvl14 arena argument or something. "Jealousy". The way you speak, I can see youre pinoy too and yet youre making issues on your fellow filipino's. Oh well, I cant blame you. This is the reason why im ashame on some of my fellow filipino coz of "jealousy" they are dragging others down with them. I was like, Wtf?! Cant they just be happy on other filipino's achievement?? lmao!
  12. I know that winning more than 1 category will give you x2-3 rings but Im pretty sure only those Warspear "addict" that has golden spoon on their mouth will maintain 2 or 3 categories just to be in top 1(for example 2v2 and 3v3) meaning,the easiest and lesser cost way to get x2 rings is to win x2 arena seasons with same reward so that they can focus and put all their money,gold,mcoins on that category they picked. P.S: Passive skill is still useless if its not permanent. Its just like the Snowball skill last Christmas season lol
  13. Its just a screen bugged. I Just tried it on ranger and i found out that its just screen bugged. In your screen, Your character seems not moving when you place the 2nd trap you used in different spot or location but your actually moving on other players screen. Try this to see on your own. Go near any NPC(as in beside him) and try to put the first trap beside you(Near NPC also) then quickly put the 2nd trap in other location of the map. And when your 2nd trap is applied, try to click the NPC beside you and youll notice theres gonna be a few seconds delay before the NPC screen will appear. Its a proof that you actually walked away from that NPC thats why you got delayed on the NPC screen before it appears. :) If your not satisfy with my example then you should get another device and see on that device screen if you move or not.
  14. We are still waiting for the announcement when this arena season will end. The question of how many ring will be given has been answered so now we wanted to know when this arena season will end coz Im hoping this is gonna be a short time only since theres gonna be "1 ring" reward only. You guys getting me? If this is gonna be a short time only then i think its gonna be fair coz we can join next arena season again to get that another ring. Am i right? But if this arena season will take same time as the previous arena seasons then its not gonna be fair. :facepalm: The passive skill are actually USELESS since its not permanent so im not looking forward to it. :aggressive:
  15. So the passive skill is not permanent then. Kinda disappointing unless you're top 1 at least you'll get a ring(s). :wacko:
  16. Same as Priest new skill(Payback), it only adds 39 damage after maxing it to lvl4(from level1). Is it suppose to be that little?? I just used 2 skill books(1 is from game's gift) just to return my old skill build. :facepalm:
  17. Im a Priest... not Druid.. :cray: But thanks :drinks:
  18. Awwww, another noob player quit. So so sad. Ahaha Jk kathi, Well You are walking in the right direction sweety so please, do me a favor. NEVER COMEBACK OR EVEN LOOK BACK! Keep your dreams up and aim even higher. Im sure you can achieve them. :drinks: :drinks:
  19. Its hard to type using mobile lol it gets laggy when there are bunch of letters in screen.
  20. Common sense: Elf/Chosen are "Light" And MC/Forsaken are "Dark" Who's gonna win? Or Who's winning mostly? :lol: :lol: ROFL! Ahahaha thats obviously a joke so dont take it seriously. :drinks: :drinks:
  21. This topic isnt dead yet? :facepalm: :lol: Perhaps someone can make another thread which they can boast/brag/argue/pin point whos better and whos not. LOL coz obviously,base on the previous comments they are by far base on the title. Its honestly hard to determine now whos the "strongest" coz of having many "newcomers" or new players that was born with a golden spoon in their mouth(I hope you guys get it). And i believed i have to agree with those whos saying this game became a battle of $$$ coz accept it or not its now a "Pay to Win" game. And its not that im defending those "rich one's" but I want to be neutral here, and i want to make an example as an old(even not that old) player, We(old players that doesnt use $$$ or not much) are only leading from them by "experieces" which give us an advantage in terms of game mechanics,techniques etc... But can you guys imagine? They are new in this game but they are full +10s, even new gears keep coming,they can just make it +10 in an instant, my point is, Do you guys imagine what if(and im sure its not impossible) they gain enough experience(by keep playing) to earn those "experiences" we got about this game(pvping,arena,farm etc..). Just a reminder, They got $$$ and we dont use money or most of us dont. So i guess lets just not underestimate most of them coz accept it or not,sooner or later, we will be perish in this game(By quiting) And they will be the new Era. 1. So what if youre a low amp that beaten a +10? does it make you famous? Is he/she worth bragging about? 2. Dont complain about "OP class" or what so ever, coz even how hard devs try to balance this game and every class,there will be ALWAYS imbalance about this game coz i havent heard any mmorpg that is balanced(as far as i know). 3. Whats your dinner tonight?
  22. Tell me Roland, I will never get answer with this, am i? :clapping: :facepalm: :facepalm:
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