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  1. I've quit this game last few weeks but I did play 1year after many breaks. I've seen the good players some average amps that may be best in other aspects like pvp dgs or overall as a player, so here's my top picks(in my own opinion): DK: Dopknight Whendy Stuns Shaman: xxdeaathxx Mahdik(dk if its spelt right) Trumpstyx Rogues: (many active old players before left the game so quite hard to choose good rogues to date) Haten(bit inactive and outdated) Barb: Pvpfroze Inar Cristianoi Necro: Negativism(inactive and gone shit but one of the beast before) Warlock: I see many dick names but they aren't the best lol Reaperlock idk his new ign but he's lvl20 atm Lennojx Paladin : Gladiatoor (We've got many +10 paladins right now like chamba but they aren't skilled as glad so) Mage: Skynete (definitely op so hes right to be on top) Aladdeen Urgoits Priest: I've not seen much priests on cave nor arena. But I'm sure there's quite op out there Behappy Bladedancer: Swagathero Myouren Ikanuzz Druid: xshammy Dozy Ranger: Alejanbro I can name many old ones but yea it is intended for active players :)
  2. Yea anyone could get more than that , my dk friend has 30%+ cd , he got mana reg from cape and amulet,belt and from guild skill so he doesnt really have problem with mana.
  3. Omercix is right , I know u want to take a first hit but starting with bless then stun oh no. You should signal dodge .
  4. Zythus the great barbarian , who love to raid elf towns
  5. This is not a bug, the old system sucks tho its so op it still depends on user. If he want a full reserve build or not and to sacrifice vamp runes or any other runes on accessories for hp regen Cause if u have it 1/4 then getting 200+ hp regen per tick in battle or not is ok than before that the supposedly 200 is reduced to 100 cause you on battle mode
  6. If u want to be the best dk, fight stuns
  7. Gm/Devs please fix ws client for symbian as fast as possible. We are waiting for how many hours or days? And by the way, should not update if all client are not fully done or have errors.
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