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  1. I disagree with doom. Use arena the skill cd one mix gt arena gear and u good
  2. Priest 17arena staff 9-10 14 signs great charm 12 crystals Rogue 17 arena swords one +8-9 26 the other 17 great charms first crystal on one sword 8 tries on other. Only impressive amps I remember.
  3. By pvm I guess u mean player vs monster or something? Normally called pve(player vs environment) just sayin. And a good build would be 5heal 5sheild 3tears 3 valor aura would be what I would say. With that ur PvP abilities are lacking a lot but best for helping groups farm and soloing bosses. There isnt a lvl u need to be just a heal amount to keep up with the bosses DMG.
  4. Although I disagree with some advice here, not a bad guide
  5. notawolf

    valor aura

    Which happenz .2-3secz after animation begins. Just tested again skill begins blinkin at 30sec mark ends 35(possibly34)
  6. notawolf

    valor aura

    Count again please time u click button till time it ends 35
  7. notawolf

    valor aura

    Ur very wrong about not looking good. If u didnt know it stacks with paladins aura. I can heal 1109 with a lvl 5 pally aura and my own. Not even mentioned it helps party also. second thing,all necros and priests got 40 heal buff .
  8. notawolf

    valor aura

    Just bit of info i noticed. each skill level add roughly 4%dmg and 10sec duration Mine 387normal dmg 402 at level one 417at 2 And 433at 3. it starts at 15secs at one 25 for 2 and 35 for 3
  9. notawolf

    Level 5 tear

    Well i have played priest basicly sense they came out. Takes time but u learn timing of classes. U also will learn to recognize peoples casting patterns, that's why if u wstch me duel some one new ill start just rsndomly tossin drain.im using it to see how they react/interrupt there rotation.
  10. If im reading right which is hard.. He thinks that new skill requires us to remove an old one. That isnt the case u retain all ur skills when buying new.
  11. notawolf

    Level 5 tear

    If ur high enough amp level 5 tears is worth it(lower amp u need points in Sheild but once heals enough 3sheild more then fine) i have used 5tears for long time wouldnt switch it
  12. Wrong. There is not a best build for priests depends what u plan to do. My builds 5tears/heal 3sheild 2armistice/drain and worksnamazing for pvp. best staff also depends, i personally pvp alot so i use arena. Losing that much resil is too big of loss
  13. I use 3 mana drain 3sheild 5tears 5heal for pvp. Tested and found that armistice isnt worth putting points into it does its job fine at .
  14. Well man build i use is for pvp(like cave) so don't face many rangers. anytime ur willing ill duel ya in arena my builds fine. not been an. Issue yet but always will ing to test things.
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