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  1. Love All Firstborn And Chosen
  2. rogue?? easy to kill if u know how the secret to control ur bd ;) hamstring and stealth is always enemy but with rush rogue killed easly and no where to run :)
  3. hye all boneheads guild from i look on boneheads are invisible fast leveling,dont give up,hard to beat cause of boneheads are nearly strong And i look to all of you,for help cause i need help too :( the hard one is garr shagg lake n more what is focussing is on garr shagg for the reputation on berengars i need things to i want to be strong like all of you :)
  4. mstf_l or whatever u didnt understand what i was telling
  5. It is not fair elf give mc chance but mc dont give a chance even a little bit to do a quest or whatever example if we want to do garr shagg that is the example mc never give chance :facepalm:
  6. If u all dont mind i am asking what KW means?? :unknw:
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