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  1. bro ngapain ikut nimbrung dsni ;) hahaha Cideres here
  2. Cisadane


    Yes i see ppl have boot too... ;)
  3. many people need sign to amply again new weapon.... and you happy with money money and money .... Hmmmmmmmm... you cant not support player again...
  4. So my DK with two handed sword +10 cant delate... OMG ....
  5. tapjoy not send free miracle coin now ..... i have problem same...
  6. you know.many ppl have problem same with mage and warlock? gm not suport again with mage and warlock.
  7. gm not respon my post.because he not understain about this game. so many problem with char mage and warlock.
  8. hei gm... this staff lvl 19 same demage with staff lvl 17 arena now.please fix it. i need demage lvl 19 :D
  9. yes stern.warlock hard to kill healer.because healer have demage same and heal and megic defend and many again. lets gm you created lvl 14 warlock and i created lvl 14 priest.with normal amply.pvp with me.you win i stop complain.
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