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  1. I select Kjlimo .. because kjlimo always good in war... Just need one leader , and the real leader war is kjlimo... Other people gank in strategyy ,many SPY and many leader.. many leader = Lose for war one leader = together we can = win for war.. WE WAR FOR A PROUD NO BONE NO BLOOD NO ASS
  2. How to make warspear fullscreen like screenshot in steam greenlight
  3. oh, ok.. I think,i delete my picture and forgot it.. But, i say the truth if i send picture.
  4. I just have This i think i delete my picture for.contest,but u cant trust ur player? :)
  5. Look my foto name 2014-05-29 its start contest mr and miss warspear
  6. Lol i didnt got gift code or 2kcoin,i join that contest too
  7. 4 and replay to 1 and again and again
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