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  1. Are you kidding me duck this game i quit. Seriously this is bullshit just like your bugged up game :) im mot butthurt or mad but that dumbass qith the cards cheated. I could of bought likes to or used a autpliker. I spent way more time on my drawing then any of these idiots... seriously... i soent 6 hours on it and thought id win atleast something. Next time be clear on your contests your late on it to. All the people who workes hard im really sorry you didnt win ai is gonna delete this because they know its the truth. Everyone who worked hard didny win shit.
  2. nothing said filters were restricted it simply says a picture of yourself with something drawn or whatever just no editted in of a warspear related thing. my best bet is that a filter is allowed just not alot of editting but it didnt say editting wasnt allowed so then again. goodluck :pleasantry:
  3. immaturity and making fun of others is not the key to winning -1 for you :nea:
  4. hey hw is everyone you are all beautiful no matter what anyone says :drinks:
  5. hope i can win! heres another pic with proof its me
  6. here we go xD horrible drawing though i have no drawing skills
  7. pictures hard to see had to edit on my phone! :pleasantry:
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