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  1. Multipost Please remove this post
  2. Woot first topic Picture already under contruction
  3. The roaming spirit (Lore) This immortal creature was once a man among us, a man with noted talent with his daggers. Kren was so skillful he was able to become a person known to kill for money or valuables. Once Kren was offered a dangerous journey for a load of red rubies from the foot of Gray Mountains. He was to be the killer of Orin the Forsaken, first of his kind. The greed of Kren made him accept the journey to almost certain death. Kren found Orin. There was an epic fight, but the spirit of Garahaan defeated Kren through Orin's body and and made Kren a shadow roaming Arinar to make sure
  4. I think it makes sense to make your character physically stronger as you level up. At the moment casters have no problem fighting melee classes, so i think this thing should be left as it is
  5. Make rogue a passive skill that allows him to use a bow and a dagger at the same time. When using a bow, your bow dmg is 80% and dagger dmg 120%. Also when shooting an arrow it can work like kick in the back (So you can use kick in the back, when using a bow). You can put a skill on your hotbar to change bow and dagger to be wielded on first (right) hand. About new classes: Subclasses which change 2 of your normal skills. example: Ranger Hunter: Blessing is changed to [Call of hunter] Ranger summons himself a wolf to help him fight. Powerful shot is changed to [Combo attack]
  6. You get a diamond ring. I wish for a new t-shirt
  7. With a warlock..? No problem. The worst scenario is when he is able to pull and stun you. But this is where the dk's set up comes in play. If he has a spear: No problem, it's so slow, you'll be able to use fear. If he has 1h weapon the burst dmg wont be such a big deal, so you wont be dead if he stuns you once or even twice (Worst case scenario with 500hp; use stone body). Also threads has 40 sec cool down, so it won't ruin your pvp. Grimoire is a great skill to use against 1h dk's. Also bloody tribute could be useful, as some dk's under valuate the energy and energy regen they need.
  8. Your wish would ruin forum, I'm afraid. I cannot grant you this wish. I wish 9gag gets popular on forum
  9. Mounts increase your walking speed by x%. Some are single use, some perma. When entering battle, your mount disappears. Single use mounts can be bought with ap. Perma ones with cc or mc
  10. Magic is part of paladins skills in rpg. Why should aigrind make a difference here?
  11. Waht? Aren't the druid and shaman the best classes for solo heal in dungeons? Druid also deals great dmg with good stuns? I think they are the best class for dungeons on elf side. They are just so common, it would feel like nobody wants them
  12. You get 1000 anonymous forum users, who don't bother to post anything I wish for warspear online 5.0
  13. Yeah just copy it all from clash of clans
  14. http://oldschool.runescape.com/ Plenty of servers I wish for more than one wish/post
  15. You get 10 sets of signs I wish for George R. R. Martin to finish his book
  16. For high lvl dk's: Can you stack exha, blow of silence and sharp shadow? Like make a super strike with increased dmg, silencing and stunning your enemy within 3 yards
  17. It is a really slow class. (I use spear) Maybe with a mace it works? But because I'm lvl13, I prefer high dmg output with exha, thorn combo
  18. You get a link to another forum I wish to be a king
  19. Ah I see. I've played too many casters lately
  20. Well Im no real rogue so guess you are right..? Still it makes no sense to me
  21. But striking first and using a normal hit after that does even more dmg from sneak
  22. In that case we should at least get the buff after arena, right?
  23. Why would you use normal hit from sneak? The sneak increases you dmg by %, so using strike from sneak makes you do more dmg Btw link is op, just hard to use
  24. Well yeah, but you really need room to kite Against druid with full stun, no problem as long as u know what to do
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