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  1. Also the fact that the talent becomes useless when a druid, with their Barkskin key talent "Thorn Bush", uses it on you becouse they dont stack Buff it's duration and make it stack with druid Barkskin talent!
  2. This two are ok dont have anything to add This i cool but the skill already teleports the target near to the priest, meaning it would be on a "safe" position. also 5 seconds is too much to have someone out of the fight, unless u cancel the teleport aspect of the skill and the ressurected character stays on the spot it died
  3. Stop blocking the cat or i'll call GreenPeace
  4. I recorded a video of it, in case it helps. VID_20230930_225327.mp4
  5. Since the release of the lastest update 12.0.0 "The Rise of Almahad", i've noticed that the Health Bar is NOT working correctly and is displaying incorrect information. This bug is MAYOR and i think it should be fixed immediately. VID_20230930_221446.mp4 For some context. I have the Spring defence book and it activates when my character is less than 30% hp, something that didn't happen in the video. Then suddently i dropped dead @Nolan@Dr Strange@LeeLoo
  6. This is not a bad tier list but i think charmer should be placed on B tier since they only need 1 relic and some rage gear to become a "damage" for pve, and their PvP becomes super annoying when they get their “Ferocious Horde” branch. Ranger PvP its kinda dead but their PvE its still decent, I'd say a B rank too. And for last Templar. Their PvP GvG is a god tier yes, but their PvE aint the best in the world. Maybe with their “Stronghold of faith” branch they can become decent. A tier for them Apart from that i agree with this Tier list #BuffWD
  7. I was looking at some skill and it came into my head. if the paladin light aura can increase healing, why it can't increase lifesteal healings too? That way, the damage characters that rely on lifestealing from survive can get a little bit more sustainability
  8. 70% with enchanted resistance that won't happen since we need the hp and defense enchants to tank so at max you can consider about 60% resistance, which it would be good but the difference is that barb can cleanse any debuff they get, meanwhile if warden gets any debuff we just gotta deal with it the talents add up, yes, but it's not that big anyway. and the resistance key talent we got heavily relies on RNG to work
  9. why cant the warden have a similar resist skill to its counterpart the barbarian?
  10. Some of the warden skills have a good base stat abilities, but some of them has a way too high RNG properties, making the character rely purely on RNG. Warden's protection is one of the good basic abilities, but the damage income is too HIGH, making it a double edged sword. With this post, I want to suggest some RNG capabilities to make this ability a bit less damaging to the Warden. ° First suggestion would be to make the skill decrease the damage redirected to the warden by a percentage of the amount of block stat he has. In this way the Warden takes a breather from all the damage redirected by his ally. If this is too much of a work i have an easier one ° Second suggestion would be to make the warden block the damage redirected by its ally with a chance equal to warden block chance. In this way the Warden nullify some of the damage redirected from the skill
  11. The purpose of this post is to make this potions affect shields applied to the character by the specified porcentage of the potion. The idea of this "Rebalance" is to make castle pot a little more reliable on shield caster characters.
  12. это не кратно 24 часам, но он может появиться каждые 5 минут после 22 часов до 24 часов, для некоторых людей очень утомительно просыпаться в 2-3 часа ночи и ждать, появится ли рейдовый босс в 22 часа. или 24 часа
  13. @Nolan@LeeLoo@Dr Strange переведено с помощью Google, спасибо за ваше время
  14. я делаю этот пост в петиции, чтобы каждый сервер имел свое собственное время перезапуска области после обновлений событий (ужастик, снег, весна, день рождения, и так далее) чтобы установить соответствующее время возрождения рейдовых боссов в соответствии с часовым поясом выбранного нами мира. После каждого обновления события мы всегда получаем техническое обслуживание сервера для исправления некоторых ошибок или мелких проблем, после этого технического обслуживания время, установленное для возобновления работы серверов, обычно составляет 8:30–9:00 по центральноевропейскому времени, установка времени возрождения рейдовых боссов на очень хорошее время для «RU-серверов» и «SEA-серверов», но очень плохое для остальных серверов (BR-Tourmaline, US-Sapphire и EU-Emerald). можем ли мы получить приличное время для рейдовых боссов? я хочу сказать, что на некоторых серверах происходит ужасное время сброса для всех их рейдовых боссов, а у некоторых людей может даже не быть возможности когда-либо увидеть это, так как это в основном во время их сна. единственные люди, которые получают наибольшую выгоду от этого времени, - это русские и китайцы, потому что они получают время перезапуска в полдень. перезапуск игрового мира должен быть реализован после каждого обновления, чтобы настроить рейдовых боссов на «дружественное» время сервера со своими игроками в игровом мире. Это может быть достигнуто с помощью быстрой перезагрузки игрового мира в определенное время сервера «GVG» (время, когда большинство игроков находятся в сети), или настроить время возрождения рейдового босса после того, как сервер вернется, причем время возрождения также близко к времени GVGS сервера.
  15. Yesterday i decided to bring an old habit we had in the EU-Emerald server and yes as you can read it in the title its the "PvP Cave", a cave where mcs and elfs can go and have some fights for fun. I managed to count a total number of 13 mcs and 18 elfs (the 4-5 hours i was there at least), the people seems to want it so... why not bring it back? Im making this post so everyone in the Eu server (and other servers too) can see that this good old tradition could come back alive. #MakePvPCaveGreatAgain
  16. maybe upgrade ur helm and glove and change those pve armor and boots?
  17. this is a good change but where is the increase of players allowed on guild unity or guild resurection skills?
  18. where is this fix? relics are not saving at all. it took me 3 mins to change one wile in the middle of a boss fight.....
  19. p2w game tbh, ppl could brute force ranks and might get it this time wont be wasted becouse you would need lvl 30 greatness to fight it ofc as i said power = money, a bit of competiton wont hurt, in fact it would make it interesting YOU CANT BULLI THE PENGU! pengu likes to bulli dogs (with hugs ofc ) In resume. yes it would make it imposible to get for those who dosnt have the money or they are not strong enough (poors and weaks smh) to even win a fight but this could bring so much activity becouse of this COMPETITION, thats what it makes this types of games so much fun. And even if you arent a pvp player theres competition everywhere from arena to dungeons, bosses, weekly events and even quests!. It wont hurt a little of competition in arena Much love to @Kyrai i really like your posts!
  20. This is a very valid point and im thinking that the arena will increase the demand rate by a lot, not only the arenas with this lvl 32 gear but the imperial ones like 5x5 or cruci just becouse people would need at least some rewards to fight this tops so much truth, theres not fun if you can get the things you want in just 1 click And i hope, i really hope theres no Critical Hit weapons in this lvl 31 ones becouse just like 29 it would be a wasted stat (exept for healers, they can crit heal)
  21. have you ever tried Penetration or Ferocity? becouse seems like you didnt
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