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  1. The double gold pot sounds like a good idea and a personal bank would be great.
  2. Does lvl 9 equipment and catalysts get dropped from last bosses on mc or forsaken island? And do they drop catalysts too? Plus does your level have to be lower than the boss to get the drops? Im sure i saw somewhere that these bosses drop catalysts and equips just wanted to make sure.
  3. lol xD i just thought it would be good :P
  4. Mage skill: harad's enhancement. Cooldown: 30 seconds skill points: 2 Lvl: 24 Upon activation all your other skills get special enhancements which could be effect change or double activation etc. Fireball: can be fired twice or burn damage (can crit twice but second crit damage is reduced a little) Teleport: can teleport 2-3 times but damage decreases each teleport or bigger explosion range on teleport. Rock skill (forgot name): can be activated twice or cripple enemies (stop them from using skills) Chain skill: upon activation the more enemies that get caught in this skill with enhancement activation your penetration and crit rate gets increased by 5% and causes your shield skill to completely block one skill by chance if shield skill is used straight after shield skill: (this is all in one) pon activation increases all stats by 5% and the shield shall explode doing 50% of your magic damage (can crit) with a range of 2x2. Hope you like. :)
  5. For 1v1 dk will have provlems with other classes but notice this, the dk now has amazing crowd contol for teamfight situations due to death call making this a great class four 5v5. Look at it this way death call does crap aoe but its effect changes an entire 5v5 situation as your taunting an entire team making them lose thier target and death call strikes 3-5 times they will lose thier target in those 3-5 times they are hit so if you use this on the entire enemy team your team can strike them all dead. My dk has been farming 5v5 due to this... 56 matches 48 wins, great right? :pleasantry: A tanky 1h dk is great for this trust me :friends:
  6. Palad is the best tank class so far if you ask me, especially when they use spears with magic attribute. They can heal more than 500 wtf? and to mention that burst damage the spear will do. Palads are really good this update.
  7. mages used to be cool until this mdef came out. Mages can't 1v1. Doesn't mean thier the worst bro. You never see mages do 2v2 too lol. Thier specialty lies in doing thier aoe skills and doing as much damage as possible whilst doing it. Thats why mages are one of the best 5v5 classes out there. barb nowadays can rely on defense unless they have a high amped weapon. Spears can help out a bit although they need to change the magic attribute to something else for barbs.
  8. Really is sad isn't it? You barbs used to be a 'threat' with your charge skill but look what happened...your not much of a threat now are you? Its how the game goes. Barbs officially is the weakest class of the game. When charge was 100% that was when this class was pvp supreme but sadly too many complaints led this once feared class to being the worst in game. Dks are the second worst. Haven't you guys noticed? Which ever classes makes gives the devs money they will care about more (rangers, bds, rogues) and whichever class is a threat to those in particular will be destroyed just like what happened to the barb. Why do you think the barb popularity drastically fell. :facepalm: and has anyone complained about barbs ever since the nerf? I don't think so.
  9. Mate, you need to move up ranks in order to move leagues or win with every win you get points and the points decide what position you are in your league. Maybe 24 hours is a bit too strict but if you don't pvp very much you will eventually move down or get kicked from your league. I will soon make league names and think of more ideas.
  10. This is something different to that 1v1. This is to help the pvp rankings and matchmaking. They might not add that 1v1 area but this idea just might have a chance. It's best not to give up too easily.
  11. What makes you so sure?
  12. I am not asking or begging for 1v1. I am making a suggestion to make the the matchmaking and ranking in the arena more fair for other people. Plus this could be something of a thrill for higher levels, to be in competiton to see who is the best in thier bracket.
  13. Craft tickets X_X? I guarantee no-one will be lvl 10 crafting anytime soon lol. Its just too long right after lvl 2.For your other statement you are pretty true about aigrind being a money making machine. But i guarantee this will help a lot of people and create a better game with better pvp included than it is now. Helping us players and the devs if they acknowledge this.
  14. Damn...is it that hopeless? :( There must be a way!
  15. Oh...i see... Totally forgot about that thread you created but..there still might be another way. Just need incorporate how devs will make money from this sort of thing thus making it friendly for f2p gamers too. Don't you agree?
  16. Tell me if something is bad with it lol, I don't bite.
  17. Feel free to add on ideas if you like and hopefully the gms will consider this. Thank you :)
  18. I have a new idea to properly balance out pvp. This might not be so bad, so here it is: The pvp league is basically different leagues in pvp. This can help to: More balanced matchmaking. Easier to reach to top ranks in the pvp tree. Better chance to earn AP. And a prize every 2 weeks for the top 3 in thier bracket. (the higher the league your in the better the prize). So now we can seperate pure pvpers to people who want to pvp just to save AP. The prizes can be from costumes to a lot of AP or crimson corrundum. And to enter a league just play 5 matches, to get to a higher league win 5 times in a row in a bracket your in and you move into a higher league. Also you can only group with people that are in the same league as you are. And you will get kicked out your league if you don't do another match within 24 hours of your last match.
  19. your right about the 1h mace...but has people payed attention to 1h users :(. We are too underrated and we are seen as weak, i've learnt this when no-one invites me to do hard at berengers...i still have that quest to do too. :( Thus the expert skill uses magic damage which i think they should change to physical cause im doing somewhat like 6 damage with that skill and i have 68 magic damage (i only use 1h sword btw).
  20. Too bad now... Ive complained a lot about other melee classes and how dks were underpowered and in a thread i predicted this would happen. Guys... Spears to dks are now useless unless its crazily amped, now with all this magic def the the magic dmg on the spear wont do a thing and not to mention what a waste of money that expert skill is.. All us dks can rely on now is just physical stength cause we barely have anything left. :facepalm:
  21. This was very biased when i was looking through and got confused but I think I understand. Melee's aren't at an disadvantage, this is a nerf to the castors. If the moon damage, dark damage etc comes together think about players with those high dark, sun, moon defense+high resi armor; isn't that a good thing for melee's? you guys that complained looked at it wrong, plus im a melee myself. With this cost, they made up for it with the cooldown reduction. Maybe the Devs weren't doing so bad after all. But amping of amulets and rings... just sounds a bit too much. But the bg tower idea is nice, so glad i finished my CL quests. :yahoo:
  22. I was disagreeing with mercs point until he mentioned the update with the new pve system and what he said was true. High damage is better suited for now than ever. I admit... I despise spears but this also gave me an insight and i must say thanks to both merc and bloody. Plus 1h isnt so bad it helped me get a good amount of ap but now i guess ill get that level 17 arena spear to start with and save my 1h for later.
  23. exactly. To me this game doesnt need more skills, maybe pssives is the way to go and talent tree could support that nicely. Gives us a way to personalise our chars and classes. Christiano great idea :).
  24. that zoundd pretty nice time tanks were tanks again! :friends:
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