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  1. You are wrong... 1st will get ring+skill, 2nd and others will get another prizes.
  2. Nice! When you don't join a top guild, you will be weak!
  3. gj aoa become stronger and stronger... elves haven't got chance
  4. maybe u r right but what about runners? when any kind of character starts to run, u can't catch him but he can easily kill u with ranged attack+run away again... yes u can use foj, but when u aren't kill him during the skill effect he will run again...
  5. Dk's skill much better, because it dmg more, and it hit all kind of mobs and players,not only undead ones, like pala's skill.
  6. After aigrind add banner and spear for pala it becomes a very nice class! Ty aigrind!
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