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  1. Oh how disheartening that my Ship Graveyard guide did not make it into the ranks. Maybe next year. Nevertheless, the winning guides were very informative and will surely be helpful for new players. Congratulations guys 🤪
  2. Mastering the Ship Graveyard (or simply T5) sector of Ayvondil:- Hi fellow player! Wondering why another T5 guide? While many players are already making the most of the T3 (Black Oak Forest) and T4 (Flying Islands) sectors by doing the Daily Quests and Dungeons, the T5 (Ship Graveyard) sector is still quite unpopular among many players. Why so? It is because of the initial challenges that players face in this sector. What are these challenges and how to overcome them? What are the rewards that are waiting for you in the T5 sector? How to gradually master this territory and how to q
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