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  1. Ummm there is no doubt that healers have lost their efficiency but the facts that if they really were that "useless", I see no reason for high levels to recruit them for doing dgs or even make healers themselves; maybe they are just maximizing safety, making a mistake for doing so or maybe they are just sympathizing with healers so they feel a bit less useless? also can we say the game is something more than a spider boss on the map 4? Map 5 has already came which has much more difficult pve environment, can that mage solo it all alone, or even if he does, Isn't that because of his ite
  2. I guess that's exactly what vampirism runes are for, helping damagers survive without healers healing them so the healer can focus supporting the the tank. On the other hand, by coincidence, this fact made them be able to solo some stuff.(However , I believe not all damagers can do such things unless they have good items and high amps, that if they do so then It's pretty normal; They have put efforts, they can do things that normal people can't) P.S: I am still new to the game so I just shared my personal opinions. They may be wrong in different aspects which I haven't experienced en
  3. This guide almost answered all my questions about armor sets. Thanks,I appreciate your hard work
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