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  1. Same level as your char level or it counts even if killing a lvl 31 mob ?
  2. More like is it a 1 time thing or for example when you reach 10 years of playing u will get costume ?
  3. Agree, there is still scroll description bugs and the " fake buff " of seeker "bleed branch " talent which they said : " was 15% now 20% of dmg taken from seek for bleed " ( Fun fact : it was 20% before ) And other bugs that many pointed out
  4. Ehm..... it was already 20%... This is from old announcement : Scarlet Blade With a 15% chance the “Exacerbation” skill additionally applies the “Bleeding” debuff to the enemy for 8 sec. when auto-attacking or attacking with a skill that deals instant damage. The effect deals physical damage equal to 20% of the character's physical strength every 2 sec. The maximum number of effects from the talent on a single target is 5. This talent needs more chance to proc or more dmg % , otherwise it's useless compared to left branch or right branch
  5. To unlock the branches you have to unlock 1 level of all the bottom row of new talents
  6. Yeah i think they should really make something about it ; like for example increasing the daily kl u can get by x2 and a x2 limit everyday as of course making more weekly x3 kl events . By keeping knowledge as it is right now it will take months to get to the 3rd skill point and complete ONLY 1 branch. And you have to complete at least 2 or 3 ( depends on which ones u want to use )
  7. Harad's Support Increases the duration of the effect from the “Harad's Shield” skill, which reduces incoming damage against the character, by 1 sec. when the character receives a negative effect, but no more than 4 sec. Ehm... D; Wrong description at the end i think ;>
  8. Here it says 7% attack strength while on real server is 7.5% ( and on test server it actually gives 7.5% too ) And you have other examples like the speed one Many scrolls don't have the "5,... % " they missing the decimals
  9. I see I see , so it kinda needs a more specified look by admins
  10. I mean if we talking about Warspear as a game with features ecc... ; if I have a book ( or scroll ) that says : " control effects applied on your char last less by a specified % " ; why doesn't it work with lock stun as it is a control skill ? ( Genuine question by the way )
  11. I want to test this today ; Still not sure if the 4th attack, with the buff about to proc, it deals x2 dmg only if it is a non-crit auto or it can be a x2 crit auto
  12. I think that for rogues right now, you should wait after test of new branches is out. This way you can find exact fixes that rogue needs after update which some might be fixed with these new talents
  13. Does this mean that every auto-attack has a 10% chance to deal 15% more damage ? ( without cooldowns ecc... )
  14. Oh right i completely forgot , you can drop those from the chest
  15. You get some doublons with a 100% rate , usually u get from 200-500 of them. And then you have a chance to drop either : 1) Blue sea weapons with fury enchant ( that is for more sea damage ) 2) Belts lvl 29 or 31 of all type 3) If you really lucky you can drop 2 books : a) Might of sea depths ( i think ) = that gives 5% more dmg underwater and 10% more move speed b) Absolute strength = that when you are about to die from a critical damage dealt by a mob , the book absorb the damage and you get 0 damage instead of dying
  16. The rng in dungeons is crazy , in this spring i did around 500/600 runs and made a total of around 200k gold from those runes ( and 1 drop was 70% of the gold I obtained ) ; 0 costumes and 0 lvl 32 access with 0 daggers ( as they cost a bit in eu-elf and I could make some money with it ) . Same as mermen , i think 500-800 runs is a lot for the "guaranteed reward" , considering mm dungeon is out for years now , they should increase the drop rate . For example me, after 500+ runs i dropped my first mm gear but it was power incarnation boots so around 500-600k gold worth ( so if u take stam price i'm basically still in negative ) . There should be an " increase in drop chance " if your last drop was many many runs ago and a "decrease of drop chance" if you just dropped recently ( talking about mm dg for example ) But yes this could apply to normal dgs as we seen what happened this year in spring ç_ç
  17. It could be a nice rework but maybe skill duration at max level is a bit too much ; maybe it should cap at lvl 4 at around 25-30 seconds max ; as by your suggestion the "hp increase" won't decay anymore.
  18. Meh , everyone knows WarSpear is p2w but this could be too unfair for many people , it is a good idea but maybe kinda unfair
  19. Already said this but Higgings bully =c
  20. SaltyCoffe EU-Emerald Ps: possible to get reward in elfs ? PS 2 : i think it's different actually am I wrong ?
  21. Oh you mean that grotto isn't disabled But the actual passive speed skill of guild , damn I didn't think about that. I thought it would only happen for the globe and guardian of the guild
  22. Update : It happened again today, when are we going to get a fix ?
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