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  1. Strange suggestion but I feel like the activation animation of this book should be at least changed to a green color to make it same as the icon; because right now it's basically the same animation and same color as the other Book " Critical Might "
  2. Np mate, I have a guide ready with 90% images and 10% info that's already given in game about 2handed pve seeker with speed gears as new way to see it that can work ! We've found the trick to win now !
  3. Interesting guide and nice tips for newcomers !
  4. Great guide for newer people coming to Almahad !
  5. A while ago it was said that they are working on something like " choosing the achievement skins " related to your char , i don't know when and if it will come
  6. I was wondering , why not make Underground speed book give 10% movement speed in Tombs and Outposts too ? Considering that they can be considered to something similar to a dungeon , I guess it would be a good help that won't hurt anyone
  7. Why is that ? This is just a feature for some classes who wants to not lose the original skill buffs
  8. I think the talents makes an enemy auto or skill impact you with 5% less accu It doesn't directly affect enemies accuracy % but the "attack" itself , so indirectly it says " little bit less chance that the attack hits you "
  9. for seeker spring bracelets are better
  10. Noty . Better release in horror after all holiday bracelets are out Spring bracelets will come , don't wanna spend 100m for lvl 34 gear attk strength
  11. Wanted to make a suggestion on the last talent " Inner Harmony " of Seeker's 3rd branch Is there any way to make it so it's numbered, so we can actually see how much " skill cooldown speed " actually increases? Because right now you have to open the stats and try make some fast math calculations
  12. A cooldown in the change could be another idea but that could stop hard people who are slowly building a branch like me for example where i invest some knowledge and then switch back , ecc... And 7 days ( still better than 25k knowledge in terms of cost ) I think it's a bit too much , taking me for example again , I would have to sacrifice my whole pve potential just for 2 weekly mermen gvgs ( without counting holidays events gvg ) and switch back the next week to lose the pvp gvg potential So I would say a reduced cooldown might work better
  13. This topic has been talked about many times since the release of new branches for the main talents. We know that to change into an inactive branch from an active one you are required to sacrifice a certain amount of knowledge that depends on how many talents you unlocked in that inactive branch ; we also can see that the majority of these were created to divide 1 branch pve , 1 branch pvp , 1 branch support ( random examples ) , so my point is that investing on 1 branch ( in 90% of the cases ) locks you in either pve or pvp playstyle and this might hurt more or less depending of course on the class you play. My suggestion was to leave the "amount of knowledge required to change" to an inactive branch BUT if the branch you are trying to change into is MAXED ( 3/3 , 4/4 , 1/1 talents ) where basically you can't invest more knowledge in that specific branch, the cost of the change is to be completely removed . I feel like this change could bring people to try out even more playstyles without suffering a lot for the knowledge cost change or the hard-grind invested on it ; yes , it might be "useless" to gain knowledge when you have maxed all the talents available , but that is a really long grind and on a top-guild matter , you can adapt to the situation better than having to waste 50k knowledge ( change and change back of maxed branches ) just for 1 mermen gvg fight. As you can see 50k knowledge is not something so easy to obtain, so it's basically a : " you are forced to stay on 1 branch " , even when you have all maxed out branches you can do this move 1 time per weeks ... I don't really see the " versatility " on that mechanic . Let me know your opinions
  14. Just to update this post Knowledge discount ( except for rare updates ) COMES OUT ONLY FOR ANNIVERSARY PERIOD ( few weeks of discount if i'm not wrong )
  15. They don't even require an healer if you have strong party ; Dungeon has always been an hard thing to do for average players, that's why the recommended thing is to bring every type of character ( tank, healer , dmg , ecc... ) in dungeons
  16. The 3rd branch seems like a "More tanky " way but it really isn't , it just gives infite energy, the cd bonus isn't really that effective as seek doesn't have any cd stat+skill , yeah it lowers some cooldown but after 1 combo it's not like you can easily survive 6+ seconds to re-use other skills ( you need to stack the talent too to be able to arrive at 30% cd ) 2nd branch have nearly same problem as i've stated now, skill and BLEED reliable but all of our bleed comes from the skills which are easily resisted ; as far as i've tested even if you can manage to apply some bleeds with the 1st Big talent in 2nd branch ( which is really low % ) it's not like you can effectively lifesteal a lot or apply that much dmg in a long-term
  17. This is basically what i've said in some of my other suggestion : The other talents part is something that needs a change as they are completely useless as of now, especially combos with the 2h middle branch and middle block talent skill The pve aspect i agree , maybe a slight nerf but yeah , I still think seeker and rogue have to superior in pve to other classes, otherwise why even pick seeker anyway when you can have ranger / bm / bd stronger in pve like seeker but having stronger pvp / GVG The class , as I've stated in another forum post, might need a slight adjustment on the talents that apply in PVP too, after that either keep the class dmg like this ( keeping in mind that it's a dmg dealer class and not a supporter ecc... ) or if nerf even more dmg pvp, increase tankyness or completely rework buff the 3rd branch + other skills
  18. The changes are already decided, it's useless to keep making forum posts now , better wait during next year to make other suggestions
  19. I don't even know why you guys keep comparing chief dmg reduction ( or other classes dmg reduction ) to seeker ....... Chief is a multi-situational class with many skills that can adapt and help the class overall : PVE , i'm not sure but as what i've seen in past videos, it's a normal class that deals the normal amount of dmg ( PVE not needed for this discussion but it was made just to show the overall class features ) PVP(small fights) , really strong even with normal gear+ normal buffs Increases strength a lot with orci scroll Even more with orci book ( really super-rare occasion but some have it ) GVG , really strong aoe while having resist skill same as mage , so it can go in and out of mass fights ( not everytime but usually it's this way ) , so it can be really helpful to the team ecc... How after all of this compare the class to seeker L_L Seeker only strength is , ( After SPENDING 100m+ gold and a lot of time for talents+greatness ) , capability of doing super high dmg to casters ( which is what the class aims at ) , and now sometimes dealing high dmg to more tanky classes ( i already made a post about it, needing a nerf ) BUT, remember that this applies to few situations ONLY in arena, class is useless in gvg, even if 100% dmg reduction, it won't make you survive 1 stun in that big fights you would need somehow to resist many stuns from your resist% alone , while having healing buffs ( which are reduced ) permanently under you, but ( apart from bm tree ) other healing classes helps the real carry of gvg, which is mage ; because even under 50/60% resist , if 1 stun goes on you under all those AOE+ other targets , you will die 100% Ty for reading !
  20. Was thinking the same, increasing overall dmg could create more problems in all scenarios. That's why I proposed to just change the function of left branch key talents , so it maintains a decent amount of dmg ( as it is a dmg dealer class ) but doesn't go too far in it
  21. My suggestion involves all point of view of situations and scenarios and I feel like right now what seeker class needs is an adjustment more than a Nerf : Current Situtation : PVE Currently there is no advantage of having same amount of "PVE Damage" between the two factions as there is no more neutral bosses like the old spring raid , so the only reason for a pve damage change would be not nerfing Seeker pve damage but buffing Legion classes PVE damage like the rogue PVP GVG It just provides some help with "Attack instinct " + " Splitting blow " combo to help but nothing more PVP PvP Seeker is really difficult to comprehend as for starters the class is really weak and becomes "good" ( in terms of damage ) when you have a fair amount of talent levels / branch unlocked and well amped pvp weapons Damage : For starters it's really meh It upgrades when you reach well amped char It upgrades even more when you have damage books ( which cost a lot like 10/20+ milions of gold ) , so it is not a simple milestone to reach It reaches the good amount of damage when you have all this combined + 2 key talents of Left Branch " Steel Hurricane " The "big" damage everyone talks about is the 2x talent proc + the 10% buffed piercing proc , that deals a lot of dmg on the enemy, but it's still a 10% chance + you need to have the 2x talent ready in that moment Damage received sustain ( this topic is what gets me the most as ) : For starters the class basically pops with a simple gear Upgraeds a bit when you reach full lvl 31 gear + 1/2 greatness accessories Upgrades a bit more when you reach full lvl 31 gear well amped + full accessories greatness + Resilience book Here it's still weak when a stun hits or another enemy dmg class targets you Here comes the strange part : We all know that classes needs to become strong at a certain level ( for example maxed greatness + books ) , as the seeker is a damage class it's fair that it will deal a lot of damage ; When you are at a super high level with Greatness set ( hard to obtain ) and many books def ( hard to obtain with milions of gold ) , here is where seeker becomes really strong in Arena as with the "abuse" of spring defensive books + Potions + Scrolls that give % hp every 10 ish seconds , it will reach a high level survivability ( ofc in combinations with nearly all pvp books ) In conclusion it feels strong but seeker need to play it really good + either have more hp gain or more resist ecc... ; so it really depends on the situation and on the enemies The adjustments I would apply : PVE I don't really see a good reason to nerf it , maybe just buff other classes PVE , but I don't see how it affects anything PVP GVG I don't know maybe , as I suggested in another topic , add to both Seeker and Rogue a " % Resist Buff " for like I don't know 3 seconds, after using the Net and Gouge(?) ability so it can escape better in bad situation PVP Here comes the tricky part Damage PVP : I think what really is hurting people is the Dmg that is coming from the key talents of Left Branch so my idea is : Make the key talents in Left Branch ( Steel Hurricane ) work only on PvE This way you make the other 2 Branches viable to either : Do a different type of damage with 2h bleed branch ( Middle ) Be a little bit more tanky but with less damage on Right Branch Damage received sustain : I wouldn't really change anything in the dmg reduction of Seekers abilities but do it in a different way ; Make the potions and scroll work 50% less Like the vampirism reduction, while using talent Same apply to distortion of life book procs With these 2 changes, I feel like Spring defensive books would be the normal boost Seeker could receive to sustain more , so not sure i would nerf the interaction at this point Please refrain from comparing the class to anything else ( except for rogue similarities ) and refrain to end with insults ecc... as it is not a drama chat but discussion and suggestions Thank you for reading !
  22. Seems like someone understood that forum posts are useless ç_ç
  23. It would be cool ,but 2h seeker will never be good The idea was to enable it 2h for pvp (arena) But the problem is that daggers is still better, + they can't really nerf daggers setup too hard , or they break the class as seek lives on autos ; if they make this change+ buffing 2h , yeah that would make 2h viable but just for the typical arena , and for pve even a mage or druid would end up being better so there was no need to play this class anymore The real nerf should occur on the dmg output in pvp , there is no reason to nerf it pve as there are no "dmg fight " like old spring, against mcs I like the "bloodthirst" becoming a mana passive , that would help with the mana problem as too many Actives , it won't even hurt mcs as it's only a pve feature with some random cd buff throw inside
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