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  1. Chief's skill reduces % of dodge for each hit taken and the skill is in area, having several Chiefs using it, will cause this
  2. mikasa in the videos had 8k + of life, but here is less when equipped with pvp?
  3. pve guild? "Kingdom" has a complete set of pvp and many are well amplified, here I see you talking a lot of baseless bullshit, it just shows how desperate you are solar
  4. it's not impossible, you just want an easy way to win, you still need to think and try harder to repeat what happened in the videos InShot_20210503_102617829.mp4 InShot_20210503_100859385.mp4
  5. is it impossible or do you just want everything easy? InShot_20210503_102617829.mp4 InShot_20210503_100859385.mp4
  6. this is absurd without size, it’s funny to read this, modifying these classes will cause the legion’s death on all game servers, how absurd
  7. game evolving more and more and there are really few slots for books, it really is necessary to have more spaces for books
  8. Cara, quem disse q totem cura é a cada 1s? Tá falando MT coisa sem saber ae, por isso q n consegue resultado e outra o totem cura tem sim limite de players....
  9. Otimo post, o xamã realmente precisa dessas mudanças ou logo será esquecido de vez nos servidores
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