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  1. On eu emerald mc, we dont have anymore where to play in a usually (no restore guild), theres many guilds but most of them have their game style, and most of them are full, we lost 2 guilds (190 slots members from berserk and Delicious) and in mc side emerald dont have guilds for afford that all peoples, And according to the policy of each guild, several members are not accepted in the strongest, we will not give up, and we will not do what peoples always wanted, that is get us down, most of our members beint rejected in others guilds (thats not a problem, coz every guild invites who ever they
  2. I hope that topic made many peoples doubts be gone. Also, some doubts from myself been explained here so, thank you!!! And well, Gz Delicious EU-Emerald ūüôā
  3. O suporte t√©cnico responder√° em algum momento, h√° um prazo de 5 dias √öTEIS a partir do momento em que sua den√ļncia foi feita. Todas minhas den√ļncias j√° feitas por parte do suporte t√©cnico, sempre houve respostas, e tamb√©m sempre houve uma resolu√ß√£o do caso. Eu recomendo que quando for fazer uma den√ļncia, de prefer√™ncia seja escrito em ingl√™s, ou um Portugu√™s leg√≠vel para que facilite em um acaso, a necessidade de tradu√ß√£o, com uma argumenta√ß√£o sobre o qu√£o tal coment√°rio √© ofensivo, e evid√™ncias como Screenshots, exibindo tal erro cometido por parte do jogador. Vejo v√°rios rela
  4. O Suporte t√©cnico √© exatamente para isso, se voc√™ encontrar algu√©m utilizando do seu "nickname" para promover alguma ofensa, √© recomend√°vel tirar uma Screenshot, e mandar para o suporte, com informa√ß√Ķes como servidor, e argumentando o qu√£o ofensivo √©, pois as vezes podem variar as palavras de um pa√≠s ao outro. Recomendo ir Suporte > Sugest√Ķes e Perguntas > Mande seu report.
  5. 1- Filipe Lima https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/profile/160529-filipe-lima/ 2- Filipe 3- 16 Anos 4- Brasil 5- Cursos em ingl√™s, e estou finalizando o ensino m√©dio (√ļltimo ano). 6- N√£o participei ativamente das atividades. 7- n√£o tenho experi√™ncias. 8- Visito o f√≥rum sempre que h√° alguma nova atualiza√ß√£o, minha conta √© recente, por√©m sempre estive "ativo" anonimamente observando as novidades desde 2016 (tempo de inic√≠o de jogo.) 9- O moderador √© a equipe que vai interagir de forma direta com os usu√°rios do game, ou seja, √© de fato necess√°rio
  6. If im doing wrong of saying my opinion here, just ban my post!
  7. Can! But simply dont have players for that, players at elf side are simply the triple of active players in MC, everyday i lost 1h+ doing parties for do bacis things in Mc side from emerald, my point isnt skills mc, my point is quantity on the difference of players, i played both sides, and simply mc side are 100% more harder then elf side, i have warden and made myth sea without use healer, with 0 talents, and im not even high ampl, while mc players need work on talents, else rip!
  8. Hello, Warspear Online its an game focused on group battles, 1vs1 always gonna be unbalanced, but i sent this idea, focusing on BALANCE NUMBER OF PLAYERS, cuz mc side in all servers got less players then elf side, cuz in elf side have much more interesting class(skills) that they can do everything solo, even the hardest things in the game.
  9. You may know that this game never will be balanced, but the administration can work on this, u cant force peoples to create mc chars, but u can make a way to be more interesting PLAY on MC SIDE, if u understand me.
  10. The fact is, IT is needed to back having same quantity of mcs players, in all servers elf side have more players, this happening cuz elf side have alot more profit, starting from interesting/broke skills for them, and insane difference of ELF to MCs, im telling about Numbers of players and the no-fairs skills.
  11. Hello! Im here to say that MC side in every server being not that strong, WHY? Because elfs have skills so much interesting, at all, (bd with resist in 4 stuns [IMORTAL]). (Druid with many heals/Stuns) (Mage with op Buffs and area dmg/stun for fights with group is opiest class, an exemple is BR server [ANCESTRAIS] They are full mages/palas and rape everyone in events/gvgs/wars cuz his crazy skills. (Rangers with op dmg stuns, simply best dmg class, u can see in Phalanx, full of OP Rangers and they are really immortal and OP). (Wardens tanking like that we never gonna see in
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